Do You Ever Wonder Sometimes?

Do you ever wonder sometimes…
– if a plane flying by in the night… is a plane filled with all our loved ones taking a nice, peaceful journey among the world? And that if the plane were to land, it would be empty because they were all blessed by God to have complete peacefulness? (which requires total privacy sometimes).
– or that a car passing you by late in the night, or during the say, that you can’t see inside of is a car full of more loved ones taking a dead man’s ride through the once bitter, now sweetpassen city of our land?
– or if the dead can hear us or see us, as we speak their name, Making sure of our tongue not losing its righteousness to the evil?
Do you ever wonder sometimes?
I do… every moment of my momentary life.

9-25-1990 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS… Wow! My thinking was very dark and lost. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for teaching me God’s word, His Spirit, and the truth about death, our lives after death, and a beautiful eternal life waiting for us, where our loved ones safely wait for us! God is my hero!

Life After Life

Life after Life vanquishes away,
more and more every day.
For as long as I can remember,
death has been a cruel family member.
Unkind and uncaring,
death is too daring,
whether loved one or friend,
bringing their end.
No one walks this path alone.
We all have someone gone home.
Yet no matter how much grief we share,
the loss is still ours to bear.
Today, tomorrow, another soul will leave,
and again we each will grieve,
until our turn comes to hear His voice.
We will sorrow no more, but rejoice.

6-10-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Missing Aunt Wanda and too many others

There Is Family With God

Families need God
and God wants to share His love.
We need to draw closer to God
because God is our only hope for eternal love in paradise.
We can’t get to heaven without Him
and we’ll never know what love is all about.
We need God.
God loves us!
God loves us!
God wants us!
God cares about us.
He wants to give us eternal life and lasting love.
He will someday bring us all together in heaven.
All our loved ones will be there,
our friends and neighbors too.
We’ll all once again share in joy of being together
as we sing in harmony the praise of and to God.
And best of all, God will be right there with us
and we’ll be able to thank our Sweet Jesus Christ our Lord
for giving His life for us so that we
may escape the price of sin
and know the joy of paradise in eternal life.
Won’t you come to Jesus?
He wants His family to be together forever too.
He loves you.

5-31-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)