Friends are confusing people.
They’re hard to understand.
Just when you think they care,
they hurt you like no one can.
Using you is a goal.
It is their reason for living.
They’ll take you for all your trust
when you think they are so giving.
So why do we call these people friends
when they are not?
Weren’t we taught what a friend is
or have we just forgot?

8-7-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Empty Pleas

Oh thoughts where are you?
When you are the one who calls?
Why do you escape me so?
Why do you build these walls?
You persist and pursue.
You plead for just a minute.
But if I take the time to reflect,
There is nothing in it.
Why do you speak out?
Why do you shout at me?
Why do you deceive my eyes
If you do not want me to see?
Exhausted, I retreat
And wait for a clearer day.
I cannot understand
What I cannot hear you say.

8-4-17 Friday
written by Gail Brookshire

My Silent Scream

My pen, my pen… it begs to cry,
Yet the empty lines seem to imply.
I do cry… I scream… and I scream,
By finding the words in only a dream…
A dream that cannot even find a way
To voice my cry or try to convey.
My heart… my soul… it searches long.
I cannot even write it in a song.
So many ghosts and waiting villains
Make it clear, “They’ll be no tellings.”
The flesh itself weakens fast.
Memories and strength don’t last.
And in the end who really cares?
God does… and every burden I bear.
If my mind is so drawn away from him,
Then he bids me, “Deal with them!”
And just as sure as he bids me to,
He lovingly whispers, “This is my testimony for you.”
So on and on I seek, as I pray…
Waiting for the words to come my way.

12-9-16 written by Gail


Rejecting God is not wise,
even if the saint cries.
When God is rejected,
He feels neglected.
There is nothing to say
to change His way.
No sacrifice can replace
obedience to His face.
Rejecting what to do
will make Him reject you too.
Obey your Lord!
Love Him more and more.
If you will be true,
He will never reject you.

6-26-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: 1 Samuel 15-16

Go and Speak

Suffering and imprisoned souls
grieve in the uncertainty of life.
Jesus sends His word through us
to lift their burdens and ease their strife.
A soul weighed down
needs a helping hand up.
Jesus sends us to aid
in His merciful love.
Share your good news.
Save the dying man.
Remember how Christ
gave you a hand.
Obey the Master.
Comfort the weak.
Jesus has commanded,
“Go and speak.”

6-15-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Luke 7-8

Life Before Knowing God

Life before knowing God
can be a dangerous thing.
Through ignorance we offend
the God who created our being.
We can sin, mock,
or clearly disregard
all that God asks of us,
hardening our hearts.
The influence of that sin
or the idols we create
can be so powerful
that to choose can make us hate.
And then there’s the influence
we have on others,
to mislead the unsaved
or even Christian brothers.
Lord, help us to know
what is evil or pure.
May only Your love
keep us true and secure.

5-1-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

What Have I Come To?

Unable to communicate,
unable to do,
seeking for my purpose,
what have I come to?
That which I know
does nothing I see.
That I do
offends and disagrees.
That which others want
is not your desire,
and if it is,
I’m obviously fired.
Hanging on
to hanging in,
I wonder if
I’ll glorify you again.

5-28-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe I’m always longing
for love…
when I don’t believe anyone does.

I don’t believe I’m always wanting
to care…
when I don’t believe anyone can.

I don’t believe I’m always having
when I don’t believe they happen.

I don’t believe I’m always making
when I don’t believe they come true.

I don’t believe I’m always searching
for happiness…
when I don’t believe I’ll find it.

I don’t believe I’m always willing
to share…
when I don’t believe it matters.

I don’t believe I’m always thinking of
when I don’t believe it works.

I don’t believe I’m always saying
when I don’t believe it lasts.

I don’t believe I’ve always thought
I was fair…
when I don’t believe I am.

When it comes to believing in
something or someone…
I don’t believe I do.

5-14-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
My 1st Mother’s Day as a Mom 🙂

Fine Lines

These fine lines that separate me and You,
impose on being free to confide.
Those evil words having to enter Your ears
leave my pen tongue tied.
So many reasons not to revisit.
So many reasons I have no choice.
The paths of yore are so dark and evil.
You tell me to listen for Your voice.
Destructive thoughts that seem to persuade
continue to grip so tight.
The father of confusion suggests, “Doubt.”
But You clearly state, “Fight!”
How do I address such ugly matters
with a Holy and Reverent God?
How can I be so sure my memories
are the source for the problems I’ve got?
Approaching the edge, I realize
I’ve already crossed.
I’m just trying to leave a trail
so I won’t get lost.
Lovingly rebuking me, “That’s not Faith,”
You encourage me to go on.
Faith is not faith
unless it’s You I am counting on.
Step by step,
I’m walking with You.
Whatever lies ahead,
You will see me through.

12-12-16 Monday
written by Gail Brookshire

You Don’t Say

Days come and go.
Events occur and pass.
Many questions go unanswered
because they’re never asked.
The clouds are gazed upon.
The days are far spent.
No words are heard in the wind,
though I pause to listen.
Are You trying to speak?
Are You trying to convey?
Am I genuinely focused?
Am I waiting to obey?
Do I trust Your silence?
Do I trust Your way?
When You only ask for faith,
do I trust what You don’t say?

April, 2016 written by Gail Brookshire

The Heathen’s Rage WILL Perish

The heathen rage
and rage so fierce,
throwing punches
and words that pierce.
Weapons that kill,
and actions that wound.
Lives and testimonies
are ruined.
Determined to destroy
everyone in their path.
Raging at life
and spewing their wrath.
Sometimes it feels like
only despair remains,
as though the righteous
are in the heathen’s chains.
Yet God in His word
is passionate to warn
not to covet
and not to join.
Judgement WILL come.
God’s wrath WILL prevail.
The heathen WILL perish
and be cast into hell.

7-23-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: This Day!

Lost Testimony

Years of ministry, marriage, and testimony
gone in a heated moment.
Years of discipline and faithfulness
completely stolen.
Stolen from a loving Savior
who will forgive even this transgressor,
yet it will be thrown in His face
by the aggressor.
Oh moments of guilt and shame
do occasion,
but they are always trumped
by persistent temptation.
How hard for those
who drew from their strength
to witness the weakness,
near or at length.
Yet how devastating
for a Savior who died
to now live and wait
for those who have defied.

7-16-15 written by Gail Brookshire

Broken and Defiant

He has entered and found chaos.
He has observed and is broken.
He has found defiance and disbelief
To every word He has spoken.
He has reached out in love
And even personally sacrificed.
But the blood of His only Son
Was not a high enough price.
Selfishness, greed, and pleasure
Is all they care about.
They are eager and ready
To leave God out.
But when they are broken,
When they are distressed,
They will call on Him
And they will expect.
When they don’t get what they want,
They will throw Him the blame.
He will merely reply, “Depart from me.
I never knew your name.”

7-5-15 written by Gail Brookshire