A Desert Just for Me

Out in this desert that has no name,
I struggle to understand just how I came
to a place filled with such pain and loss,
a place hard to experience God in all the chaos.
This desert that God has created just for me
includes watching friends and family in misery.
So many crags and snags, in so many places.
So many spies and lies, in such a cruel oasis.
How do I name that which I hate to mention?
Why does this desert deserve that much attention?
How do I name what only God understands?
How dare I assume authority out of his hand?
For that is where I am in this desert or naught.
I have been his since the day I was bought.
His blood has become my caravan,
His love is my camel in this barren land.
There is only one name that I care to praise.
It is the one who is with me in this place.
My Lord and Savior, my Jesus Christ
walked his own desert of suffering and sacrifice.
His anguish and dread were just as real.
His nails and thorns, he chose to feel.
His obedience in his adversity
gives me hope in this desert made just for me.

2-21-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The result of prayer and meditation on
Pastor Jimmy asking us what would we name our desert.
Moses… A Man of the Ages inspired.

Saved and Rescued

Young and trapped in ugliness,
grasping in the dark to understand.
Though I had no knowledge of You,
Hallelujah You held my hand.
Aware of my unawareness
and the world eager to deceive,
Your angel guarded me,
and Your Spirit led me to believe.
So different is the path
that I now walk with You.
I scarce believe I survived,
had it not been for You.
Yet that very soul You rescued
is the one keenly aware
that every waking moment
has been because You care.

2015 written by Gail Brookshire
For my Lord and Savior,
my Hero and Rescuer!