Longing To Be There

Over so many miles away
Someone is longing for you,
But wonders how without you,
They’ll ever make it through.

I miss you, Darling, every minute
That the clock is ticking on.
Yet I tell myself to believe
This distance will make us strong.

I just hope you’re thinking of me
And long for my touch as well.
You know if I were there with you,
Our love would set sea to sail.

Know that I am laying down,
But my dreams will be of you.
And as you start your morning off,
Say you miss me too.

1989 Written by Gail Brookshire
(published in Voices, Volume 1, NO.3, Aug.1, 1994 Issue, page 5)
3 of my others beside it on same page were
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(by the grace of God)