Being Someone’s Special Someone

Special to no one, that’s what I am.
Or should I say that’s what I am not.
I am not the thought that lays on one’s mind,
Not the one who get his blood boiling hot.
So many words can flatter a woman or man,
Yet even those are hard to come by.
Except of course when one wants to use me
If convenient enough for them to try.
I miss being special to a man,
Being the only one he could think of.
Spending every moment he had with me,
Telling me of his undying and faithful love.
Not a day would go by without a call.
Not a night would end without his voice.
Within every breath of sincerity,
I could tell I was his first and only choice.
I have been a sucker at times for some
Who convinced me I was special to them
Only to later find out I was the sucker
Who made it way too easy for him.
Someday I’ll be special again
To a man who will mean every word.
He will think too much of me
To ever have me waiting in second or third.
He will call to tell me good morning.
He me call to tell me good night.
He will call just to see how my day went
And make sure everything is alright.
And knowing my heart the way he will,
He’ll know my every prayer and wish
Is to know that everything is alright with him,
As I would so care about how he is.
My man who make me feel I am special to him
Because his heart will accept nothing less
Will be the simple hero my simple heart needs,
And to me he’ll be more than special, he’ll be the BEST.
Thank You, God, for thinking I am special,
For going to the cross to prove Your love for me.
Even when You send that Mr. Special into my life,
He will never be as special as You will always be.

7-2-2000 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: bummed over not being someone’s special
PS… Lord, thank You for helping to KNOW I am someone special to You!

The Chat Room Walk Addiction

Night in sky… oh hear my cry… I long for company to visit.
I have a love and a friend, but no one seems to miss me.
I have a computer and Internet, a Buddy List galore,
FreeTel, and everything, yet I am what all ignore.
I work all day on this thing for school and for play.
No one wants to take a minute or two and just say hey.
I dare to open up the pathway to anyone who’ll talk.
I get so lonely for conversation I take the Chat Room walk.
What I find there can be so ugly, but sometimes so nice.
At least someone will listen and/or give me some advice.
It’s not always my friends or lover’s fault. They have things to do.
But there are plenty of times I see them on and they won’t say, “Boo!”
I send an IM and EM, and patiently wait my turn for a reply.
I know that they have many windows open,so do I.
I play a solitaire game, write a poem, and wait for a flashing box.
But curiosity and loneliness get the best of me and I become a fox.
Slyly I enter a room where people are engaged in TALK! Oh TALK!
I sit and watch as much as possible until I know it’s rude to gawk.
“Hi, my name is” and “f/30/nc” goes out to the room alive.
“Hi, NAME!” comes back to me and my chat blood starts to thrive.
Finally the world acknowledges my existence on this Net.
And I am up till morning light making friends I won’t forget.
Next day arrives , computer on,and what do my ears hear?
“You’ve Got Mail” and inside I jump or cheer.
“Instant Message from Lover or Friend” appears on screen too.
“What have you been doing?”
“Oh, not much… and you?”

9-19-1999 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: What else? Chat Addiction.

Just to Talk

Oh how I long to talk to one
Who will simply sit and listen,
Not expecting anything great,
Nor tell me what they think.
I just wish I could talk
And talk,
Just saying what comes to mind.
For anything could appear.
I’m, at the moment, feeling blue.
If only I had a friend to turn to.
I wish someone were here,
Just to talk and talk.
I have so much on my mind.
If only I could talk…
…would I?

3-29-1990 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
God is always listening! He wishes the same about you! ❤

So Many Searching Souls

A night out on the town,
Just to relieve some stress,
To get a little fresh air.
Yet so many souls search for comfort
In such wasteful ways.
Alcohol cannot take away their pain.
That’s why they end up crying, puking,
Or doing something they normally wouldn’t do.
Drugs only damage the brain
And addict the nerves.
Sleeping around only reminds them
How alone they really are.
And when they realize they have shared such a personal moment
With someone who doesn’t care either,
It only makes them more depressed.
Jealousy invades their integrity
And then only causes hardship on all.
What a shame they can’t go to God in prayer.
If we all are going to end up on our knees,
Why don’t we do it from the beginning
And save a lot of unnecessary pain?
If only the Bible could guide them.
They are always looking for answers,
Yet ignore them, as they lay in the good book.
If they would call on God and allow His presence to be their comfort,
He would be faithful to answer.
The Holy Spirit could fill them with a far greater joy than liquor.
Oh God, so many souls are lost and searching.
They walk in pain and live in agony.
They desperately want a way out.
I know this world is a cold place to be sometimes,
And I know all too well the pain and loneliness.
But, Jesus, You are the only way to a peaceful life,
A joy filled heart, and an eternal haven.
I pray for all the lonely and heartbroken souls.
I pray for their peace, comfort, and joy for living.
I pray they come to You for these things
Because You are the only way they’ll find them.
In my sweet Jesus’ name I pray – Amen.

9-26-98 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire


A world of fear,
it’s a very lonely place.
No one’s there ever to wipe
the tears from your face.
Your imagination runs away,
making scary visions.
Your heart is horrified
of the ultimate collision.
The reasoning of the mind,
the terror of the imagination.
As the tears are shed, you wonder
who will win the demonstration?
Hold on tight, very tight now.
Soon it will all be over.
You can believe in hope
if you can pass a four leaf clover.
Close your eyes so not to see.
Don’t let your ears listen.
O.K. You can come out now.
It’s over. It’s finally finished.

7-7-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)