Obscene Humor

Some people take a little joke
And make it way too bad.
Why can’t they enjoy the humor
The joke already had?
Obscenities are really ugly.
Why do they think they’re best?
No one really laughs at them.
They really just think less.
If you have a joke or two,
Be sure to keep it clean.
For no one cares for vulgar talk,
So much is greatly seen

Written by Gail Brookshire

Young Girls

We tell secrets.
We laugh a lot.
Things of tragedies,
We haven’t forgot.
Best friends, twin sisters,
We really love each other.
But there will be a day,
We won’t see one another.
We play games.
We giggle at things.
We find songs.
We love to sing.
We play house.
We play braves.
We find an entrance
To our graves.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: dear friends ❤

Your Love Makes Me Special

You and me. We spend so much time together.
No one can understand how much You mean to me.
They make fun of me for thinking You’re so real.
They think I’ve lost my mind to talk to You.
But, Jesus, I take joy in singing to You.
You comfort me with a love that no one else can give to me.
Even if I ever get married, become romantically involved,
Or am blessed to share in the intimacy treasured between a husband and a wife,
No one will ever be able to be the love You are to me.
You hold me through the worst of times.
You laugh with me through the great ones.
You even stay with me in silence when my pain is so great,
Or my thoughts too confusing to share.
You allow me to sit with You and smile
Without my having to say a word.
I don’t bore You.
And if I don’t smile, You hold me closer and let me know
I’m not alone when I’m by myself.
I don’t have to be fake with You, and don’t have to worry about
You leaving because I let myself relax.
I can be whatever I want to be, feel whatever I want to feel,
Say whatever I want to say, or not say anything at all,
And I know You’ll always be there.
You are my friend.
You let me love You, and I do endlessly.
Thank You for sharing Your secrets with me.
They make me feel so special.
You make me feel special.
That is so nice in a world where everyone wants to laugh at me,
Hurt the people I love, and think only of themselves.
I am glad You love everyone.
I know they can know Your love as I do.
Thank You, Jesus, for spending time with me.
Thank You for making me feel special.
With Your love in my life… I am.

10-22-98 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

For Times When You Were There

To all my loving and wonderful friends, I salute you.
For times that I was down and you were there to say,
“Cheer up” with remarks to make me laugh.
For times when I was sad and you were there to say,
“Alright” with fun we always shared.
For times when I was doubtful and you were there to say,
“Hey, Calm Down” with reactions to make me laugh again.
For the times that I was taking love and you were there to say,
“It’s OK. We love you enough to put up with it.”
I want to say thank you.
I love you just as much, and I just hope I get a chance
to give some of that wonderful love back.
And even more, I hope you’ll still be my friend.
Love for an eternity… your friend.

12-18-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)