Don’t Make a Move Without God

It’s coming… the end is drawing near.
God is coming for us. The signs are all so clear.
Fighting in countries here and there, children starving hard.
He promised us He would return to take us home to rejoice.
And only He would know the time. It would only be His choice.
But the way the world is going, we shouldn’t take the chance.
God is coming to take us home. He’s holding out His hand.
Repent to Him, confess your sins, and know you’re on your way.
Don’t make a move without God, for the return could be today.

11-17-1990 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Trust Him With Everything

If you’re gonna trust in the Lord, go all the way…
Trust Him with everything.
If you say you trust Him to look after you,
But keep doubting things you hope for,
Or things you know He expects of you and for you,
How can you say you trust Him?
That would really be more like saying,
“I trust You, Lord, but I’ll take care of the most important things.”
If you do not completely surrender your trust to Him,
Maybe you’re not trusting Him at all.
If you trust God to hear your prayers,
Meet your needs, and fulfill your life,
Then trust Him with what it takes to get it all done.
Give Him your soul, heart, mind, and body.
Give Him everything He has loaned to you.
If you know He’s all knowing and wise to protect,
Why would you doubt Him?
I know fear and uncertainty can be a problem,
But you know for certain that the fear of the Lord
Is the beginning of knowledge.
So if you’re gonna trust in the Lord, go all the way…
Trust Him with everything.

12-31-1998 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire