Smiling For You

Smile, on the inside I break with a tear…
The world hides behind a fake smile…
I hide behind them.
What is it about laughter that the world hates?
Don’t they want to make the world a better place?
Have they given up on believing
A smiling can make that difference?
Why is everyone so cranky?

Everyone wonder why the world seems so unpleasant,
But continues to be so unpleasant to themselves.
Do they not understand they contribute,
Or take from the world,
With every smile or frown?

God, Your people are so distressed.
Am I making it worse on them by smiling?
Don’t You want us smiling?
Don’t You want us living in joy,
Glorifying You in our happiness?

Thank You for giving me a smile.
Thank You for placing Your love in my soul,
And allowing it to shine forth on my face
For all to see and feel.
I pray that it be contagious.
Your Son is the reason I smile.

7-25-1999 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: I used to be so known for smiling all of the time that some people would complain or become seriously annoyed with me. I miss that joy, but I do have a sincere love and joy for the Lord without a smile 24/7. 🙂


Beautiful, that’s what this day is.
It’s more than any wish.
How could one not enjoy this treasure?
To one as I, it’s more than a pleasure.
If only I had a soul to share it with.
Only then, it would be greater than this.
For as the sun warms my soul,
I am lost in a world of gold.
There’s so much joy in finding peace.
My only wish is for it to never cease.
How wonderfully beautiful it is today.
How sad it is to know it will go away.
But while it’s here, I’ll enjoy every minute,
And cherish every beauty within it.

3-13-1990 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: What a beautiful day it truly is!!

Holiday Fun

Joy, joy, joy.
Everyone sings glory.
Ring, ring, ring.
Everyone should sing.
Jingle, jingle, jingle.
Everyone should mingle.
Sleigh, sleigh, sleigh.
Let’s all ride away.
Ski, ski, ski.
Let’s all set free.

Written by Gail Brookshire

He’s Your Friend Too

You smile to see me so happy.
You cry to see me hurt.
But when I tell you it’s Jesus
Who sees me to the joy,
You seem to wish you could believe.
You laugh at the child in me.
You walk with the woman who understands.
But when I tell you it’s the Spirit
Who allows me to know the Lord’s way,
You seem to think I’ve lost my mind.
You see me experience love.
You see me experience heartache.
But when I tell you I still believe in love
And live to serve the Lord,
You seem to wish you could understand
How on earth I could be strong.
I tell you again it’s God.
He holds me in His hand.
But the words of His Bible are not just mine.
His songs can be sung by anyone.
Every knee is able to kneel to Him in prayer.
Every heart is able to welcome Him in.
All you really need to have Jesus as a friend
Is to let Him be one.
He already loves you.

10-17-18 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire