I Was Here

I use to be here.
It was so unsafe.
The voice, the face, the unsafe ways.
These streets were pathways
For souls walking by.
We were a part of those souls.
A part of this place.
But I was a visitor
Who did not know
I was just passing by.
This was my life.
And this life was me.
Yet God emphasizes
God came along and took my hand.
He said, “Someday you’ll understand.”
This was FOR you,
But not ABOUT you.
You are all about me and my will.
You’re journey came through here,
But now you must journey on.
There’s so much more for you to do.

8-19-2019 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Somewhere I once was.

Searching Through Christ

Tangled in a web of years.
Exhausted from endless tears.
Confusion and puzzles overbearing.
Loss of trust from so much sharing.
Hanging on just to let go.
Swinging hard to take a blow.
Struggling within a self created dark.
Upon a journey to find myself, I embark.
My sins, my guilt, my shame, my fault.
My consequences will not halt.
God is the only one who has seen it all.
From beginning to end, walk to fall.
Grace, forgiveness, and only His blood
Can restore in me the gift of His love.
Uncertain, unaware, and completely unknown
I search for answers, but not alone.
No one can live my life but me,
But only through Christ am I free.

4-2-2000 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

And You Shall Direct My Paths

Following You, God… it’s a challenging path to keep up with.
If You were not there to pick me up when I stumble and fall,
Urge me onward when I hesitate in doubt,
And carry me when I am too weak to make it,
I would be so lost.
Many things appear along the journey and seem to suggest
I am going the wrong way,
But that is when I stop, close my eyes, and hold out my hand.
Thank You for always being faithful in taking my hand
And leading me through such blinding times,
Through darkness that can stump me and fill me with fear,
Around carefully set traps and unseen pit holes,
And away from such deceptive souls.
You preserve me, dear Lord, for Your perfect plan
And allow me to walk in Your Holy will.
I am honored to receive Your wise and loving correction.
I praise You for all that You do for me.
I pray that my obedience be eternal and prosperous,
That I might glorify the One who gave me life.
In Jesus name I pray… Amen.

1-21-1999 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

A Galaxy of Dreamers

Midnight hours. Times of the mind.
Journey the future, the past behind.
Open a door to stairways showing.
Look to the moonlight always glowing.
Stars are our ladders to escape into
The fantasy or fairy tale we all want to.
Leap around from star to star.
But when you fall, watch how far.
For if you fail to recover soon,
You could be injured from the moon.
Edges of knives with sharp little blades.
You are the wish somebody made.
But if you reach to catch a ride
Upon the clouds, you might survive.
It’s a lonely little journey for one to take.
Too many gambles for one to make.
Yet every night at the same time,
We are once again disturbed by the chime.
The warning of creation into the land
That solely belongs to those who are at hand.
For those who are aware of this setting,
Make your bids, let’s start the betting.

Written by Gail Brookshire

I Watch

Another day, another trial.
Another walk of faith.
Another journey
awaiting my fate.
Blessings given.
Blessings removed.
God’s sovereign hand
has been moved.
Words spoken.
Quiet action.
and compassion.
Alert and aware,
“I watch.”
What’s next?

4-12-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God adventurous path for my life and Mark 13:37

Your Comforting Flame

So the wall of the waters
have closed in on my enemy
and have buried what was a threat
on the floor of the Red Sea.
I break into song
and praise my mighty God.
He has shown me favor
and carried me across.
Yet as soon as I say, “Amen,”
I notice the journey continues.
I pick up my gear and prepare
for whatever ensues.
Off to the mountain I go.
I encamp for a climb.
I need to hear you speak.
We need alone time.
You turn on the light
and speak my name.
I am comforted
by your burning flame.

3-22-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Pastor Jimmy preaching Moses… A Man for the Ages

My Solid Desert Rock

Wasting away amid this desert,
I cling to this rock.
My exhausted and defeated vessel
is in shock.
With no strength of my own,
I lay amid the dirt
praising your name
that I am too numb to hurt.
This arid and burning heat
actually comforts my wounds.
My oasis is in the hope
of You coming for me soon.
I am well aware of the journey
it took to get this far,
and only You know the way.
You are my guiding star.
This rock… this completely solid rock
is where I take refuge.
What happens from here
is completely up to You.

3-14-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Moses… A Man for the Ages inspired