Repented and Turned

So young and innocent, she has no clue.
What others will teach, she will do.
Right or wrong, pure or filth.
They pass on the pleasure that brings guilt.
No examples to show otherwise.
Every one is good in their own eyes
The sins are handed down to repeat.
She had not heard of who she’d meet.
Knelt at the altar to wait for someone else,
She is approached and told of a saving help.
Her eyes were opened, her heart broken
To hear of the love and tragedy spoken.
Jesus had came and died for her.
He loved her in spite of her.
Revealing her false innocence and wicked ways,
He teaches truth and the importance to obey.
Falling in love and falling in line,
He lifts her pen and has her write.
It will help her grow. It will help her learn.
She has repented. She has turned.

7-30-15 written by Gail Brookshire

A Display of You

How precious… those little legs…
running through the aisles…
and jumping with such energy.
How precious… that smile that compliments
those loving eyes.
How precious… that little laugh…
in such a big chuckle.
How precious… to see him filled with joy…
and a life abundant.
The little soul so filled with You,
making good memories in Your house.
He takes You in… with every minute…
and builds a comfort within You.
You tell us to come to You as a little child.
If it were this little soul,
we would run to You…
with such joy, excitement, enthusiasm.
What beauty and strength
in such innocence and naivety.
Thank you, Lord, for such a moment…
a moment of display…
a display of You.

6-6-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Nash ❤