He’s Redeveloping My Negative Memories

Memories have been such a good thing to me,
Reminding me of loved ones I’ve shared time with.
But memories can be such a torturous event,
Tempting with sin, saying I won’t pay for it.
I had no desire for these desires that desire me,
But they visit for a moment to plead their case.
At first they’re wonderful but then I become ashamed.
I cannot do these things if I want to see Jesus’ face.
I know my life did not start out the greatest,
Certainly not the purest by any means,
But God made me live and brought me through,
And His Son’s blood says I am clean.
I know Satan wants to throw memories at me.
He was there to know what makes me weak.
But he was not there in my heart when Jesus came
And I said, I only want to hear you speak.”
Jesus gave me a whole new thinking process.
He has redeveloped the negatives in my mind.
He imprints permanent positives in my soul,
Making it easier to leave yesterday far behind.

5-15-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Ignorant But Not Innocent

Ignorance is such a deceiving cloak
to seeing just how guilty we really are.
We think because we are good in our eyes
that God agrees that we are.
But even God required a sacrifice of blood
for those who sinned in ignorance.
It did matter to Him for a heart
to want forgiveness through repentance,
so much so that He gave His ONLY Son
to shed the ONLY truly innocent blood,
that ignorant sinners may be forgiven
but ONLY after washed in that pure blood.
How mistaken we are to think
we’re too good and innocent for death.
The ONLY perfect person gave His life
so that we may draw eternal breath.

8-13-2012 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Leviticus 4-7

Bloody Love

Love and blood
are so easily mixed.
Sin and betrayal
are quickly fixed.
Though we fight
to have our way,
God prevails
and saves the day.
Family, friends,
enemies and foes
can be a blessing
or bring endless woes,
but God is greater
with His mercy and grace.
By saving power
all falls into place.
Blood and love
are precious to all.
Thank God the cross
saved us from the fall.

10-19-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Salvaged and Rescued

Help! Help! My body hurts!
I’m living out that horrible curse!
What will take away the pain?
Only that precious blood gain.
Jesus is my only hope.
He is the only cure.
I am so filthy inside out.
I need Him because He’s pure.
His blood the only antidote
to the disease so inflicted.
He is the only pardon
to the guilty rightly convicted.
Praise! Praise!
He was willing to rescue!
He is just as willing
to salvage you!

9-24-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)