One On One With God

One on one with God,
asking questions so profound.
Maybe God enjoys being sought
and even more being found.
Could it not touch His heart
for us to really want to know
how God has been from the beginning
and all He wants to show?
Our God is such an intimate God,
a God jealous of our hearts.
He just wants sweet fellowship
and grieves when we depart.
Do you want to know God
and the life He has given us all?
Just take time to seek and speak.
He will love receiving your personal call.

6-29-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace if God)

Your Secret Is My Strength

Secret Strength is what we get from You
in a way You have designed just for us.
We are not to share that secret strength,
so as not to arm the enemy who’s unjust.
Those secrets are special to You,
sacred to the relationship we have.
You want to be first and only to trust.
You don’t want what’s good to become bad.
Those secret faults are weapons too
for the enemy who seeks to destroy.
While we are to search them and know them,
the enemy uses them to steal our joy.
Bottom line… what’s just between us
is secret, sacred, and precious to You.
Keeping that discretion is a safeguard
against any who hate my being true.
Please forgive me for times when I have
betrayed, revealed, and unveiled.
Please help me to always remember
to guard, discern, and hide
what You, my Jealous God, do not want me to tell.

2-19-15 Written by Gail Brookshire