Let’s Pursue One Another

Wisdom, let’s pursue one another.
I need your instruction,
And you need my obedience.
I need your knowledge,
And you need my heart.
I need your understanding,
And you need me to attend you.
I need you to establish me,
And you need me to exalt you.
I need you to preserve me,
And you need me to keep you.
I need you to lead my paths.
You need me to keep looking straight ahead.
I need your grace and your glory.
You need me to honor God’s word.
His promises mean so much to me,
And you mean so much to Him.
He tells me so much about you,
And promises so much value.
Help me to receive the good
In trusting His word.
Help me to honor HIm
In trusting you.
Wisdom, knowledge, understanding,
Let’s pursue one another.

7.4.2020 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Proverbs 4

God’s World, God’s Way

Instructed by the word of God,
I attempt to please my Lord.
I set out to be His warrior,
defending and living by His word.
Trials arise. Obstacles appear.
Hazy Days make my task unclear.
Enemies strike. Allies betray.
God’s word seems to go astray.
Even then our sinful human eyes
must trust despite Satan’s disguise.
Just because we do not understand
doesn’t mean it’s out of God’s hand.
What seems to be all gone wrong
is somehow God being very strong.
His word does not return void,
no matter how much we’re annoyed.
This is God’s world and God’s way
to give to us a brighter day.
Trust in Him when all seems lost.
No one knows more than Him the cost.

10-15-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)