In a World of Their Own

Someone lies alone. Alone in a room, and in a world of their own.
Actually, it is the real world,
But it feels like everyone else does not seem to be aware of it.
There are so many who believe that the laws don’t apply the same to them…
The waiting in line, waiting a turn, or even simple rules of nature.
“What does it take to get their attention?” one questions within.
“They need so badly to wake up and smell the coffee, or rather the pollution.”
Life is not just a toy we can play with. Although, many do.
“Why is it so necessary to risk death to feel alive?”
These answers belong to others,
Yet most of us feel so compelled to worry for them.
They sure don’t contemplate the consequences themselves.
Whether they are taking chances of endangering others or not.
Being selfish is such a twentieth century characteristic.
But who really cares, right?

We’ve been preaching for so long that it doesn’t matter what others think of us,
That just because one person may think something is wrong doesn’t mean they’re right,
That what we believe as individuals is right if we see it to be so in our frame of mind,
Mostly because of the most important principle we teach…
Everyone has a right to be different and live the way they believe.
And when someone makes the point…
That just because an individual may see armed robbery as the only way to make a living,
Doesn’t mean that he should be allowed to do so,
The “freedom” fighters quickly retreat with “You’re taking it too far.”
We are suddenly using a childish tactic to gain popularity,
Or just to win an argument.
Where does it say that in order for an individual to have the right of religion,
Others should be made to shut up,
Or that schools should be forced to teach only one side of our history and life,
To avoid the conflicting side?

Can one not take on the complete job of parenthood,
And accept that it is their responsibility to teach a child on whatever he may question,
Without assuming that it is the world’s responsibility to know
That one prefers their child to be kept in the dark, isolated,
Or in control of others rights’ to freedom of speech to preserve their own?
Children do not grow to be a rumor that they hear,
Or develop on what they study alone.
It takes influence, smeone being involved, and sound teaching.
You can’t get any more involved than being a parent.
When one feels like they’re not involved enough with the fight,
Maybe they should make sure they are involved enough in the child’s life.
Most importantly, they could put more trust into their children
And into the teaching they give them.
Because in the end, that is what makes the difference…
What the children choose to do with the teachings you give them.
THE CHILDREN will make that decision alone!

5-16-1996 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. I wrote this so long ago, do not ask me what I was saying,
Nor who I was speaking to. Naturally, I would know even less now.

On Sacred Grounds

In his room, a place he calls his own.
This is his space and not for others to know.
For to even enter is to come upon Sacred Grounds..
Sacred Grounds… let’s think about that.
Here is a room where one can enter with purity
And depart with stolen innocence.

As the Christian girl approaches the open door,
It symbolizes the the open invitation to temptation.
Temptation is what consumes this room.
He holds out his hand to the young woman.
She looks into his eyes and comes forward.
His persuasion convinces her entrance.
Yes, she chooses to accept the offer,
And as her heart weakens, seduction is his strength.

Lights are low, music so soft.
They’re alone with how they feel.
Too close to a welcoming bed they dance.
While she struggles to resist the moment,
The moment struggles to insist surrender.
Kisses… so warm upon her neck.
He whispers the soft masculine words.
Her yearnings are put to the ultimate test.
And as she fails to stand her ground,
She lays down with him on his.
Though she has been promised it will feel like heaven,
And the two hearts may feel like it is…
All hell is breaking loose.

The angels have deserted the child of purity.
Purity has deserted the angel.
A Heavenly Father releases the hands of His children,
As His heirs have been erased from HIS WILL!
For while the young man is guilty of stealing her innocence,
She is guilty of treason by sleeping with the enemy.
She has lost her shield in the heat of the battle.
Within the Sacred Grounds, she has been stripped of her armor.
The warrior has been tamed and prepared for conversion.
Her combat instructions were to pray for her enemies,
And to set the example for the prisoners of war,
Just in case the Master of Reason captured a soldier who would
Discover the desire to march as a knight for the King.
Her disobedience has injured the strategic healing
Of a dying cadet by the Captain of Miracles.
General Physician had worked long and hard to salvage the private
From a world of uncertainty
Because the Peacemaker had longed to reassure this skilled man
Of an unfailing love and a heavenly place made just for him
Upon HOLY and Sacred Grounds.

As the trial begins, the judge opens His book.
The transcripts convict the violators of sin and shame.
They are found unworthy to walk upon the Sacred Grounds.
Cast into the fire ignited by the very passion that led to their destruction,
Guilt is all they share.

5-12-1998 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The Lord was working on me around this time of the possible consequences of seeking or giving into comfort and pleasure. It’s not just me in that moment. Temptation is a struggle for both sexes… and for Christians and non-Christians alike. We are to pray and be support for one another. The enemy is looking for every foothold he can get.


Influence is something we all possess,
whether we believe it or not,
want it or not,
or care or not.
Our actions are witnessed by others
at all times.
They are emulated openly and secretly.
Others pay attention
even when we don’t.
That influence is our God given gift.
We are to use it to honor God,
to reach the lost,
to encourage the broken hearted,
to lead the sheep back home.
We need so desperately
to nurture and discipline our influence,
as it can so easily destroy.
The influence we share
will be the influence others pass on.
Lord, may your Holy Spirit
help us to be and share
the influence You ask of us.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

6-5-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: 1 Samuel 8