Before I Knew You or Loved You

God, my God, I love You.
Thank You for loving me.
I’ll never love anyone like I love You
… NEVER!!!
And I’m glad.
I’ve always loved You
And I always will.
Thank You for being there before I knew You,
And before I loved You.
I’m sorry I ever rejected You.
It was the worst mistake of my life.
The best thing was when I came to my senses
…and fell in love with You.

Written by Gail Brookshire

In Love With a Beautiful God

In love with a beautiful God,
I am blessed to be set aside for Him alone.
My days and nights and are His.
I have a very special love of my own.
Life can be so easily distracting.
Marriage would just distract me more.
Though marriage is a blessed union,
He has given me Himself to adore.
Many laugh in suspicious tone,
unable to understand such contentment.
Others are afraid I run off the seeking,
and retaliate with resentment.
But I am enjoying a walk with Christ
that took so long to achieve.
It wasn’t easy getting here.
It was His love that helped me receive.
Praying for patience and understanding
from a world that just doesn’t know
that Jesus got a hold of my heart
and He won’t let me go.

5-29-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS. The line with Jesus got a hold of my heart come from a hymn that I had to sing as a solo when I was 9 years old in foster care. The church our cottage attended had me sing  Jesus Got a Hold of My Life. The chorus read:

Jesus got a hold of my life and He won’t let me go.
Jesus got into my heart. He got into my soul.
I use to be oh so sad.
But now I just free and glad
Cause Jesus got a hold of my life and He won’t let me go.