Selfishly Faithful

How selfish am I
while I think I’m so thoughtful?
How greedy am I
when I think I am so giving?
How wicked am I
when I think I am so Holy?
Just because I read Your Word,
maybe faithfully,
maybe sporadically,
does that make me heroic?
Does it even make me obedient?
Does it make me hypocritical?
How precious is Your Word.
How precious is Your time.
How precious is Your whisper.
Yet I take each for granted.
How privileged must I think You are
to have me read Your Word,
to spare my time,
to be a good steward
of that which You bless me with.
Lord, make me truly grateful,
make me faithful,
make me Holy,
according to Your standards.

7-11-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My results in a bible reading challenge.

Am I the Rich Man?

How incredibly selfish can an individual be?
Easily, when that individual is me.
How else could a soul be overlooked?
While I was focused on what had me hooked.
Why did I not feed the hungry I saw?
Because of my hypocritical flaw.
How did I deceive myself that I helped?
Because I was too focused on myself.
How did money and a bible tract feed?
Because that’s what I wanted to believe.
Why did I not think sooner of that soul?
Because God had a different goal.
Why was that soul gone when I went back?
Because God wanted to point out my lack.
Do I have enough to be the rich man?
Everything I have came from God’s own hand.

6-15-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: the beggar at the corner of Craven St. & Riverside Dr.
(Luke 16:19-31)