I write, I write, and I write.
I’ll write for the rest of my life.
I’ll write today. I’ll write tomorrow.
I’ll write when I’m somebody’s wife.
I write about the happiness
That I can find in a story.
And a lot of poems are drafted
On how our world destroys.

6-24-1990 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Pinto Beans

He pointed at the pinto beans
and said, “Pinto beans.”
So I’m doing this to make him happy,
though I don’t know what he means.
All I know is they’re small and round,
and in a bag of many.
And if they’re ever cooked one night,
I’m sure there will be plenty.
They can be very tasty,
even though they cause gas.
But I hope when the room is crowded,
the moment will not last.
If this poem of pinto beans
makes no sense to you,
ask my friend David about it.
He’s the one who told me to.

9-24-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS. Homey (aka David) challenged me to write a poem about pinto bans. 😉

For What Reason

For what reason do I care?
     You tell me.
For what reason do I cry?
     Can’t you see?
For what reason do I call?
     Can’t you hear?
For what reason do I visit?
     I want you near.
For what reason do I stay?
     It’s all I want to do.
For what reason do I live?
     Because I love you.

8-9-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

School is Too Cool

*Just so ya know… this one is a little long*

School, it’s cool, but so is the snow.
Playing and sleighing, and snowballs to throw.
But oh, wait a minute, I can’t get out.
The weather is freezing and the power went out.
How can I eat? The stores are closed.
The roads are icy and the pipes are froze.
What? No water? I can’t take a shower?
Oh well, I’d freeze in this bitter cold hour.

Friends trapped, to stay inside alone.
Thank God, for the only thing left, the phone!
Talking it through together, trying to survive.
The cruel and bitter struggle to stay alive.
Boy, it sure is dark. I can’t see a thing.
It’s been hours since I’ve heard the phone ring.
People I love are too cold to move, becoming sick.
After the radio dies, I hear only my watch tick.

I find some batteries I forgot were stored away.
Now to hear what the news had to say.
Car accidents, fires, people are stranded.
Voices talk of the streets and says they’ll be sanded.
Yet still voices beg, pleading to all,
Stay at home safe and warm. Don’t get out at all.
It’s dangerous to be exposed to this degree of cold.
Don’t try to be a hero. It kills young and old.

Now it’s hypothermia the voices start to teach.
How many homes and people will they reach?
Finally, it clears a little. The streets start to melt.
God is saying it’s okay now. Here’s the sun to help.
Temperatures rise again. How good it feels to be warm.
Now it’s off to the store. I fight within the swarm.
I see the shelves start to bare, then start heading back,
And in the empty parking lots I see a lot of tracks.

People had been playing in the snow with their trucks.
Doughnut marks and sliding streaks showed, they played without getting stuck.
Oh Hallelujah! The water’s on and the power is too.
I can take a nice hot shower… oooooooh!
My freshly dryer dried towel and warm pair of jeans.
And oh yes, how good it feels just to be clean.
Cooking something warm to eat, I lean over the stove.
Now this smells good to my thawed out nose!

I finally get to watch the news and see how bad it is.
Boy, was this worth all the school I have missed?
No, not at all. The world has fallen apart.
Let’s go back to school before things get too hard.
At least we have heat at school and the streets are good to go.
I’d much rather sit in class, than to be a prisoner to snow.
Many people are in tragedy just to feel the cold.
When it come to education over tragedy, Hey, I’m sold!!

1993 Written by Gail Brookshire
(published in Expressions, Jan.31, 1994 Issue, Front page-page 2)
(by the grace of God)

Critter Humor

Look, see the little ant crossing the road.
He’s just trying to make it home.
Watch out for the big car, little bug.
It’s hard to make it on your own.
The food is on one side,
yet your home is on the other.
You’re just trying to transport your food
to support your little brother.
Watch out, another car is coming.
It’s going kind of fast.
Will you make it across the road?
How long will your food last?
Well I’ve got to go now,
but I hope you will survive.
You may not be a human being,
but you are still alive.
Say hello to your little brother,
and take care of yourself.
If you ever need me and can find me,
I’ll be ready to help.

4-25-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

A Closer Look

A pen and some paper,
together with a writer,
bringing the world laughter,
hoping to make it brighter.
A rose and a thorn,
together with a hand,
bringing the world love
through a pain to understand.
A clown and a circus,
together with a crowd,
to relieve some tension
by screaming out loud.
A love and a hate,
together with care,
to bring the world moments
by letting us share.

3-8-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)