Be Thankful You Can

People talk about people so easily,
Judging so quickly what they will,
Judging others abilities, health,
And simply whining about others’ complaining.
They talk God out of their mouth,
“Be thankful you can,”
Yet they mock the God who carries them
Through their challenges each day.
If they are so eager to be worthy of honor,
Let them it earn with humility,
Praying for their neighbors,
Having faith in the child of God loves,
And being thankful they can do what they can.

1-25-2002 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Being Ruthlike

Following God in rough times
can lead to good things…
comfort, security, a home,
and a new song to sing.
Following God when all seems good
can leave a testimony stronger.
When we obey others
we can give God honor.
Blessings are mercy.
Blessings are grace.
We have blessings
when God is in the place.
Giving all to God
no matter what others see,
allows God to honor us
so He can receive all glory.

5-15-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Ruth 1-4