Thank You, God, For Preserving Me

God, thank You for preserving me for a life
Where I can still have an opportunity to share the rest of my life
With someone who’ll ask me at the end of each day,
“Have you said your prayers today?”
“Done your daily devotional?”
“Maybe you just need to spend time with God.”
“Why don’t you just take a moment to bathe in the Holy Spirit?”
My husband can still be my friend and my spiritual strength.
No longer do I have to worry about, “Should I be in this relationship?”
I do not have to question, “Is it bad that he drinks occasionally?”
“Am I suffocating him with religion?”
“Does he think I talk about God too much?”
“Do I pressure him?”
Not only do I not have to worry about, “How will we ever end up in church together?”
I will be able to marry someone who will not want to miss church.
He will enjoy being in a room full of people who love and serve Christ.
Maybe even more than I do.
God’s music will not bore him or drive him out of the room
Because it will be the very music that comes out of his mouth,
That plays in his mind because it lives in his heart.
He loves to hear God’s glory given.
The bible will be something we cherish together.
We will grow together in it every day.
It will be our sword.
What a beautiful day when we write the names of our children
Into our own family bible.
My son will be his friend, and he will be a dad to my son.
We will make a great family
All because we will keep God as the Father to us all.
This family will stay together because this family will pray together.
Thank You, God, for preserving me for such a glorious honor and blessing.
I pray that Your will be done in me to make me
The godly wife, mother, and servant of God that You will have me to be.
Praise Your Holy name… In Jesus name, AMEN!

10-21-98 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

This Day Of Rest

Lord, thank You for this day of rest.
So often we sure need it.
Our bodies just get so run down,
Especially when we don’t feed it.
Thank You that You know us better
Than we even know ourselves.
We would be in our graves way too early
If left to care for it ourselves.
Yet this day is to keep You first too
And that I certainly want to do.
You are so worthy and deserving of praise.
Please see my weary body’s hand trying to raise.
May Your name be honored and glorified!
May Your magnificence be magnified!
Praise You God for Your Holy day!
Praise You God for Your Holy way!
I love You, Amen!!

5-29-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

The Challenge of Christianity

Christianity is an ongoing challenge…
to be what we are suppose to be…
to avoid that which is forbidden…
to not care what others think of us…
yet be precisely careful of our testimony.
Every moment is accounted for
and every word speaks volumes.
Our silence can be the peacemaker
or the strife that destroys everything.
We are to be strong and follow God.
We are to allow our weaknesses to be His strength.
We are to bear one another’s burdens,
yet work out our own salvation.
We are to be bold and speak up
and save others from the flames.
We are to be quiet, sympathetic,
and not throw around the blame.
There is so much required of us,
so much expected of us,
and so much given through us.
Balancing honor and disobedience
while never separating the two
is a challenge only God can help us through.
Lord, we ask You to help us to always
honor and obey in love.
You are worthy of the glory!

10-2-08 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Give to Him

People can be so cruel,
it makes it hard to smile,
yet they are the ones
so miserable all the while.
Our hearts should focus on God
and tell Him our heart’s desire.
He is a loving Father.
Of our love, He’ll never tire.
He wants us to give
our all to Him and trust
that He will perfect
and make things just.
Give to Him. Give to Him
everything you own.
For you should know,
He takes care of His own.

5-22-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: 1 Samuel 1-3

Believing In Our Prayers

Believing in our prayers to God
is essential to their outcome,
even if as with Zacharias,
God chooses to answer some.
For as the prayer was answered
and John would be his son,
Gabriel told him his unbelief
would cause him to be struck dumb.
He could not speak or share
his good news of God’s gift.
He would have to wait
until the curse did lift.
Mary, however, believed
in something not possible with man.
But she knew with God,
nothing is impossible by His hand.
She was counted blessed
as Gabriel shared the news
that Jesus would be her son.
He was come to save the Jews.
Believe in God when you pray
and in what you pray for.
Give faith and belief
to honor our mighty Lord.

5-18-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
(Inspiration: Luke 1)

Holy Confidence

Shhh… secrets of God!
Too fragile to be spoken.
Vows of confidence
Not to be broken.
Strength of honor
Hidden Within.
Trial of endurance
Not to give in.
Treasured whispers.
Precious thoughts.
Valuable lessons
Patiently taught.
Faithful silence.
Devoted oath.
Holiness is given
In both.

7-4-15 written by Gail Brookshire

Happy Father’s Day, Father God!

Father’s Day is here and so are You.
It is time to celebrate You too.
Like every day, You are Father God.
And we praise You with everything we’ve got.
Honor, Majesty, Holiness, and Glory
Are all a part of Your Royal story.
Creation itself is Your own validation
Of birth, death, and salvation.
Your love for restoration gives life.
Your gracious mercy removes strife.
Father, Son, Holy Ghost in One.
You are magnified through Your Loyal Son.
Made family by redemptive love,
We eagerly wait to join You above.
So until the day we come Your way,
Let us wish You, Happy Father’s Day!

6-21-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Happy Father’s Day, Father God! ❤