Showers of Mercy

Showers of mercy,
Rain on me.
King of kings,
Set me free.
Release my soul
From these chains.
Fill me up
Where life drains.
Hold me close.
Share Your peace.
Make the memory
Of my sins cease.
Lord, my God,
Send me love.
Receive mine back
To You above.

11-14-2003 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Shattered Dream Come True

He was a dream come true,
A dream I came to have,
A dream I came to cherish,
A dream I came to hold.
He told me how he cared,
As held me through my pain,
And as I lived the dream,
I felt the pouring rain.
I don’t know what went wrong,
Or how the dream was shattered,
But all I know is he was a
Beautiful dream come true… shattered…
And that is all that matters,

5-23-1990 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire