There Is A Child

There was a God and there was a girl.
He protected her from so much of her world.
It would take a lot of time for her to realize
With all she experienced with her innocent eyes.
For so long, all she knew was terror and fear.
Death, filth, and violence were always near.
But then her soul had opened to Christ,
And He would lead her the rest of her life.
When the time came to take a look back,
She would see God’s presence she never lacked.
She saw she was protected from so much
By a God who gave her so much love.
She was learning how to love Him too,
And praise Him with all His glory due.
There is a God and there is a child.
A woman learned she was His all the while.

12.20.19 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God’s Love! God is my hero! ❤

You Saved The Day

God, You saved me.

It was just another routine day

Of my running myself crazy

And getting in my own way,

But You saved the day.

It was a day that breaks my will,

A day to test my faith.

My day was so busy that within the Spirit

I did not get to bathe.

But You saved the day.

How many times will life challenge me?

How many times will I grow tired?

Every time I allow myself to worry

I forget the love of whom I admire,

But You save the day.

Temptations make a great debate

And try to steal my joy.

I don’t even sing in praise

Because I do not seem to enjoy.

But You save the say.

Lord, I am so unworthy

Of a love that is only faithful and true.

Though You never fail me or leave me,

I tend to easily neglect You.

But You save the day.

If I had to die for my sins,

There’s no doubt I’d be tried.

The world would be ready to condemn me

And have me crucified.

But Jesus saved the day!

    Thank You, Jesus! ❤


5-8-1998 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire


Love is something that makes you feel so good and cry.
Love is something that makes you laugh and sigh.
Pain is a beautiful way of learning about the truth.
Something rare to have to gain in our youth.
But we see there’s happiness to see us to a smile.
Love is something indescribable, it has its own style.
But as we learn, nothing is ever here to last.
Except, of course, heaven and God. It’s not only our past.
So if you ever think about love, just look above.
Your prayers will be answered, for you should know God is love.

1-12-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)