Every Waking Night and Day

Every waking night and day,
In my closet I go to pray.
I do not ask for much.
The Lord’s prayer is not as such.

Every waking night and day,
I hear what He has to say.
You wonder how I heard?
Why, of course, in His Word.

Every waking night and day,
I clean and go to play,
But only after chores are done,
Before the falling of the sun.

Every waking night and day,
I have a secret place we stay.
I sing. He hears. PRAISE!
All my fears and doubts erase.

Every waking night and day,
I go upon my bed and lay.
My visions will forever keep,
As I trust in Love and sleep.

1-30-1996 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Forever Loving You, my Sweet Jesus!

Burdened by Flesh

A head hung in shame,
A heart broken just to know
That she has pained her Savior
Or caused any woe.
So much He has done for her,
This she realizes.
She makes no pretense.
She has caused her crisis.
Weighing heavily on her soul
Is the disappointment of her Lord.
She was genuine in confessing her sins,
And intended to do no more.
Yet here is the truth,
that she cannot escape the flesh.
She, like everyone else,
Will sin until her death.
Only His word and His blood
Can forgive and restore.
He walks through life with her
Till she reaches His shore.

7-22-15 written by Gail Brookshire