Image of Glory

You can smile.
There’s nothing to fear.
No matter what’s in your head,
God is always near.
You can speak.
No one watches your words.
You can believe God
Over everything you’ve ever heard.
You can be quiet.
God is the guard over your tongue.
He keeps you from the ugly,
And allows life to be sung.
You can trust.
God is not going to leave.
Life may be uncertain,
But in God’s word you can believe.
There you are
Being the child He made.
Every day that you mature,
More and more doubts fade.
Look at that smile.
God beams to watch you shine.
You can hear Him,
“This image of glory is ALL mine!”

7-2-2019 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

God Loves You!

God has such an important message
Only He can get it through.
Don’t ignore Him when He speaks.
Listen to Him say, “I love you.”
Only you can love Him back.
Victory is your choice.
Eternal life and love are precious,
So listen for His voice.
You are His precious child.
Only you can make Him smile.
Under His wings of love all the while.

7-9-15 written by Gail Brookshire
PS. God Loves You!