I Love You, Jesus Christ!

I love You.
I love You with everything in me.
I love making You happy,
And pleasing You always.
I want to praise You,
And serve You all of my days.
Hear my heart’s cry,
“I love You, Jesus Christ!”
I never want to leave You.
Stay by my side.
I love You, my Savior.
My soul is eternally Yours.
I’ve loved You every since
You knocked on my heart’s door.
Thank You for making me
A part of Your life.
Thank You for being
A part of mine.
Walk with me always.
Guide my every steps.
Keep remind me
Why You wept.

8-23-2005 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Fasting For You

Giving up something for You,
That You would hear me.
Am I doing this right?
Is this acting selfishly?
You tell us to do this
And how detail is key.
I just want You to know
My love for You is free.
My desire is to obey You
And to know your will.
Peace of mind is so essential.
It’s what I want to feel.
Hear my heart’s cry.
See my sacrifice.
I am so grateful,
You paid my price.
Help me to stay within
Your path for my way.
I want to be with You
And to never stray.
Thank You for Your
Being so faithful and true.
I know regardless of circumstance,
I can always count on You.
Love You, God!!! ❤

10-30-10 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)