A Feeling of Friendship

A feeling for me to enjoy writing about would be friendship.
Something that I could never write enough about,
But could enjoy writing about it forever.
Friends, to me, are sacred.
I do have a strong feeling toward friendship.
I’m one of those people who believe
You can never have too many friends.
Friends are a lifesaver, a heart healer,
A soul saver (Jesus is certainly my friend),
A whole lot of everything.
My friends have helped me come through tragedies, nightmares,
Lonely nights, sad events, celebrations, trying times,
And so many things that I could go on forever.
In my writing, I try to do my favorite thing with my friends,
Share my feelings, my thoughts, and any other things I have to say,
Or to about my friends.
I have no desire to hold back from them or the world.
I want to share what I’ve been through for both of us.

3-8-1994 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: assignment from Creative Writing class of Spring 1994,
taught by E.P.