We Have Yet To Understand

Christmas falls like snow in the air
On a sunny and warm day.
Things are as expected,
God will have His way.
He needs no permission of the calendar,
Nor direction from the sun.
He knows how to do mysterious wonders.
He smiles for the fun.
The air turns cold as night arrives,
And He blankets the earth with snow.
He loves the delight in the child’s eye.
He creates a tender glow.
We recognize Your power, Lord.
Our seasons are in Your hand.
For everything we think we know,
We have yet to understand.

12.17.19 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Hard to Wait

How frightening it is to lose
Someone so young.
But if it’s Your will,
What can be done?
I know it’s a natural thing
For everyone to die.
But every time we lose someone,
It makes it harder to try.
It’s so unfair to take a man
Who’s doing good in life
And strip him of his destiny,
After surviving daily strife.
So many dreams are wasted, Lord,
By the death of someone great.
But I guess the more they praise You,
The harder it is to wait.

Written by Gail Brookshire