A Place To Come To

A place to come to…
Wow have I been searching forever
For this very place You have long been leading me to.
A place where one can come to be with You,
Enter Your house,
Kneel at Your altar,
Walk with You upon Your Holy grounds.
A place to bring family and friends,
A place to see and meet family and friends,
A place of comfort, support, and accountability.
A place with plenty to do,
And open arms from welcoming members of Christ.
A place to hear worship and praise,
A place to request a prayer,
A place to speak a prayer,
A place to hold hands and sing together in fellowship,
A place to grow in our spiritual gifts,
And best of all a place to leave
With no regret, no guilt, and no pressure.
Instead to take with me
Encouragement, smiles, love, and friendship,
And more importantly
Your Word, Your message, and Your witness.
Thank You, God, for this place to come to.
I know that You are here.
And because of that, I’ll be back to see You again.

6-23-2000 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: TBC

I Missed Church Today

I’m sorry, God,
I missed church today.
I went out and visited with my neighbors
and heard them talk of pain.
When what I really needed to hear,
was of Your sheltering us from the rain.
I didn’t get to hear the songs
the choir always sings.
I only heard the wickedness
that rock and roll can bring.
I heard the little children cry
from something in vain,
where I would rather hear them talk too loud
as they’re corrected again and again.
I didn’t hear the preacher say
to do what we know we should.
Instead, I heard the encouragement
to do what makes me feel good.
I wish I had been there to give You praise
and give money to the church.
But instead, I was just wasting time
learning things that can help me burn.
Please believe me when I say I’m sorry
and that I wish I had been there.
I pray that I will be there next Sunday
and hope You know that I still care.

4-21-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)


Church is a place I long to know
and come to see God’s house.
I want to hear His children sing
and watch them become aroused.
I love to see so many souls
gathered to bring Him praise,
to hear the preacher preach the word,
as his voice will sometimes raise,
and all the restless children play,
as they find it hard to sit still,
but oh the sweetest things they say
as they are taught about God’s will.
The choir works so faithfully
to beautify their sound,
to shout a joyful melody
of how they’re heaven bound.
Church is where I long to be
and where I want to belong,
for it makes my world much easier
to hear the faith so strong.

3-30-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)