Concerned Child

Once God had a child who wrote,
But soon felt so empty.
What could she possibly say
That wasn’t tempting?
She had written all her discoveries
And lessons of strife.
Yet now there was nothing of interest
To the writer with no life.
What could it take to show her
She’s so very wrong?
That God is always there
And will help her to be strong?
Give it time, young one.
God will appear in time.
You must have faith for now
And keep God within your mind.

Written by Gail Brookshire

He’s Still There

God is still there.
He’s still in my heart.
I thought we were separated,
but we were never apart.
He wouldn’t walk away
or say, “I give up.”
Instead, He embraced me
and gave me His love.
Why did I feel that He
had closed His eyes to me,
when all He ever wanted
was to help me to see
that I am His child
and always in His hands?
When I’m feeling so lost,
He always understands.
Why do I fall for it,
the trick of the evil lie
that God will throw us away
if we don’t even try?
For this is the time
that He promised to forgive.
He’s not going to take away
the love He wants to live.

3-25-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)