Earlier in the morning,
The sun is taken away so soon.
Yet only to bring the late night breeze,
As you’re warmed by the moon.
Trees release their leaves,
As they elegantly dance about.
And as you see through the empty branches,
You feel as though something has been left out.
Longer nights of midnights,
To await for the new day.
And as the morning dawns,
The clouds steal your hopes away.
Once again we must endure
The tragedy of fall.
Yet if you’ll take a closer look,
You’ll see God’s beauty in it all.

12-5-1990 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: For my dear friend Carolyn

A Lily of the Field

Bowed on her knees a woman cries… HOLY.

Her voice carries love so softly to her Lord.

In the open fields God’s light shines upon her.

The warmth of His gentle touch says, “I heard.”

Her lips whisper glory and honor to her Father.

She worships the Lamb with her heart.

A light breeze blows through her hair.

She smiles to feel His vow to never depart.

Flowers dance in the wind all around the woman.

She merely remains and indulges in His wonder.

As she watches the animals from a distance,

She thanks her Lord for the honor to be wife and mother.

God sends a butterfly to pass through the fields.

It comes in her direction and waves its wings.

The young lady feels the loving moment.,

So much that she begins to sing.

“Breathe on me breath of God” honors her Lord,

With the voice of an angel sent from above.

He comforts her with words of thought,

“I know that you carry My love.”

Daylight lessens as the sun begins to set

And the young lady lays in the fields asleep.

For there is no fear of being in the night

When she knows her soul He will keep.

4-25-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Read on HIS Radio program Still Waters by Melissa Smith,
And then she played Breathe On Me Breath of God after.
Praise You, God! I pray it served You well!

I Want to Trust Him

Waves of white water rush at me.
I feel the urge to retreat.
Instead I stand within the awe
Consuming me of God’s beauty.
The coolness of the water tickles my feet.
My skin receives a refreshment.
The heat has long discomforted me.
Now God’s natural talent
Brings me a special release.
Only God can be so exquisite.
Only God can give such pleasure.
The glory is all His.
And I love Him for every bit of it.
Earth’s treasures lies in the hand of God
And He so lovingly shares them with us.
If only we would stand up to our fear and trust Him.
Many times life will seem so overwhelming,
And we will want to run.
But if we stand and trust a God who loves us,
He will give us heavenly joy.
I want to trust Him.

10-17-98 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: The year I saw the beach for the first time in my life.