Captivating the Captive

Captivating the Captive

Enemies seem to surround us
All the day long.
Weapons of words and swords,
And bragging they are strong.
The God who sees my every sin,
Sees the sin of every man.
He shakes the enemy of his pride,
And leaves him unable to stand.
God captivates the captive,
And frees him from self.
God only is the stronghold.
God alone can help.
God is a refuge for the displaced,
And a shelter for the weak.
He gladly fellowships with
Those who will seek.
Put your trust in God,
Where hope is not futile.
He longs to hold and nurture
His created child.

10.27.2021 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Psalms 61-70

My Only Satisfaction

My God, I owe you so much.
I’m dying and I can’t get up.
My fantasies have been my sin.
My transgressions were just giving in.
You have my heart, but I continue to disgrace my body.
You give me so much life, yet I keep risking my death.
You love me with everything I have and am,
And yet it’s your love that needs my attention.
Help me, God.
Am I too far gone,
To be worthy of love,
Of Your love,
Of forgiveness?
Am I so bad off that I could never know
Of simplicity in love?
Could I never have a chance for
Heaven and eternal life?
Could I be doomed?
I love God and have faith in Him
And the words He promised me,
When He said He would love me forever,
For all that I am,
And that He would be merciful
And forgive me of my sins.
No, I’m not saying I expect His forgiveness,
Nor that I committed these things knowing
That I would be Undoubtedly forgiven.
I was just stupid, done them, and hated myself
Every step of the way.
God, I love You for life.
Over all guys, friends, family, material things, and any pleasures.
You are my only satisfaction!

6-9-1992 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire