Tears for Freedom

Forever in tears for freedom.
That’s all I really want is freedom.
I just want to be able to think, sleep, write, and feel how I want.
I just want some peace and quiet.
I just want to be able to move out and have a nice safe place
For Anthoni and myself to call our own.
I do not want Anthoni smothered the way I was.
It only caused so much hatred and resentment.
If it weren’t for the wonderful teachers, counselors,
friends, and family, and God,
I would have never found the love and forgiveness
I have for my family and myself now.
And I love our family relationship.
Somehow we will survive.
We are God’s children and full of love for one another.
We are family.
In Sweet Jesus name I pray and ask… Amen.
I love you, God, my Father in heaven.
Your daughter.

6-5-1992 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
God is my hero


Love is something that makes you feel so good and cry.
Love is something that makes you laugh and sigh.
Pain is a beautiful way of learning about the truth.
Something rare to have to gain in our youth.
But we see there’s happiness to see us to a smile.
Love is something indescribable, it has its own style.
But as we learn, nothing is ever here to last.
Except, of course, heaven and God. It’s not only our past.
So if you ever think about love, just look above.
Your prayers will be answered, for you should know God is love.

1-12-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)