Spoiling my friends,
It’s something I love to do.
I mean no harm or offense.
My motive, I assure you, is true.
I am not trying to get on anyone’s good side.
It’s just my way of expressing
A caring I just can’t hide.
If in the future we are apart,
Like many friends who’ve left,
I hope you’ll remember me by the things I give of myself.
I’m afraid there will be many times and many friends
I won’t have the money or opportunity
To have anything to send.
For all of those I give something,
Please accept and keep.
And sincerely for those I forget or miss,
The regret is running deep.

10-29-1990 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

All These Blessings

All these blessings
and all these witnesses.
So many answered prayers
through so many kindnesses.
Gifts of mercy.
Gifts of grace.
Gifts of Your love,
worthy of praise.
Testamonies of faith.
Works of good deeds.
Loving one another
by supplying needs.
Bearing burdens
and caring for the poor.
Visiting the imprisoned,
and so much more.
How beautiful to see You
in so many faces
who follow You
into so many places.

5-7-15 written by Gail Brookshire