My Prayer Warriors Delivered Victory

Prayer Warriors… my gift from God.
In the midst of my illness they fought.
Sword to sword they battled for me.
God used them to bring a victory.
They fell to their knees to gain strength,
To give me a chance to be strong again.
Marching forward they carried my name
To speak it before from Whom it came.
Healing and comfort were sent as treasures.
That I might find joy and pleasure.
The battle has been fought and won.
The prayer warriors delivered the crown to the Son.

2-14-2000 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Little Man of God Heaven Gave Me

My son, my beautiful, gorgeous son,

The little man of God which heaven gifted me with,

You are an angel to which I feel entrusted.

From conception you have been an answer to prayer.

How much I wanted you and for how long

Before you actually came along, you will never know.

Each morning that I awaken I thank God for you.

You put up with so much,

From school taking up my time,

To homework stealing ours,

And all the last minute cancellations.

You are so loving and understanding for a child so young.

You are wise and forgiving in the ways God allows for you to be.

You’ve been such a man at times when you’ve seen me experience heartbreak.

The little arms that have always comforted me,

Do so even now with such patient words.

God gives a lot of people children.

But I thank Him for sharing with me one of His most precious.

You carry the love of Christ in your heart.


12-25-1998 Friday, Christmas
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my 10 year old son Anthoni Brookshire
As his Christmas Poem for his present.