Our Church Trip

Our church trip was so fun!
The fellowship was such a gift.
The voices, laughter, and smiles
Gave me such a needed lift.
The cookies, the brownies, the joke,
The chance to share and grow,
The opportunity to spend some time
And learn of others what I did not know.
The drive, the bus, the bumpy ride itself,
Was something we’ll never forget.
And to share in growing with God
Was certainly the greatest blessing yet.
The sermon, the songs, the meals,
And browsing through the bookstore.
To share this all with our busy Pastor & wife
Was a blessing all the more.
Returning from out trip and day so long,
We are glad to make it end.
Thank You, Lord, for blessing my son and I.
We would gladly go again.

8-10-2003 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: our first Sword of the Lord Conference trip
With our church Temple Baptist

Liquid Life

Liquid pleasure from head to toe,
every inch of my skin enjoys you so.
Soothing and warming, and playfully wild.
You easily bring my face a smile.
Under your spell when bathed in your deep,
a long day with you brings such sweet sleep.
Yet even a moment to get a little wet
is worth all the pleasure I get.
Playful and fun, I look forward to you
and swimming in your darling blue.
Whether in warmth or to enjoy the cool,
there’s a beautiful liquid life in a pool.

12-31-16 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Pool Therapy