Prophets Pen and Paper

Pen and Paper… what friends of mine,
Yet prophets like Moses and Paul.
Despite what could be read between the lines,
They can create works of art.
Though they have horrible and shameful confessions of historical stature,
They can make a mew and beautiful character
Out of the very villain so guilty.
They can explain the nature of what created the evil
And in the same message convey the transformation
Of the demon into an angel.
God’s beauty and magnitude of divine power
Boldly shouts from the pages.
The printed work joyfully embraces its reader.
And the prophets called Pen and Paper
Are serving God with the same holiness
As with love and wisdom in the Holy Bible.
God’s right hand made great warriors
Of even the simplest tools… pen and paper,
Just as He had done with the murderers… Moses and Paul,
Who were later known as great prophets.
Imagine what He can do with you and me,
If we will just believe and let Him.

7-1-2001 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Chat Room Walk Addiction

Night in sky… oh hear my cry… I long for company to visit.
I have a love and a friend, but no one seems to miss me.
I have a computer and Internet, a Buddy List galore,
FreeTel, and everything, yet I am what all ignore.
I work all day on this thing for school and for play.
No one wants to take a minute or two and just say hey.
I dare to open up the pathway to anyone who’ll talk.
I get so lonely for conversation I take the Chat Room walk.
What I find there can be so ugly, but sometimes so nice.
At least someone will listen and/or give me some advice.
It’s not always my friends or lover’s fault. They have things to do.
But there are plenty of times I see them on and they won’t say, “Boo!”
I send an IM and EM, and patiently wait my turn for a reply.
I know that they have many windows open,so do I.
I play a solitaire game, write a poem, and wait for a flashing box.
But curiosity and loneliness get the best of me and I become a fox.
Slyly I enter a room where people are engaged in TALK! Oh TALK!
I sit and watch as much as possible until I know it’s rude to gawk.
“Hi, my name is” and “f/30/nc” goes out to the room alive.
“Hi, NAME!” comes back to me and my chat blood starts to thrive.
Finally the world acknowledges my existence on this Net.
And I am up till morning light making friends I won’t forget.
Next day arrives , computer on,and what do my ears hear?
“You’ve Got Mail” and inside I jump or cheer.
“Instant Message from Lover or Friend” appears on screen too.
“What have you been doing?”
“Oh, not much… and you?”

9-19-1999 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: What else? Chat Addiction.

The Big Rascals Clan

From Asheville to Florida, I write and call.
My friend and I have a ball.
Yack, yack, yack.
She talks right back.
Her husband screams, “Alright, y’all!”

Alfalfa, Darla, Buckwheat, and more.
The Little Rascals are what we’re known for.
We each have a part
In this game at heart.
It keeps things from getting boring.

Randee, Mark, Sandra, and Gail
All get along so very well.
They are so crazy,
But never lazy
Except when it comes to Gail’s mail.

And Anthoni Lance is the little star
Of this nutty group so bizarre.
He is so cute,
But never mute.
He has a place in all our hearts.

Moms, Dads, Nathan, and Tim
Of course, you know, we love them.
Charlie’s a riot.
Homey’s not quiet.
Anthoni gets that from them.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Randee (aka Darla) ❤

When I Was Pregnant

When I was pregnant, help came from an unexpected source.
The family I expected to lose was tickled
And eager to help by being there with me through it all.
My friends were there for me as well
By taking me out and listening to me when I needed to talk.
My sister went to all of my doctor appointments,
Became my labor coach, and went to my labor classes.
My grandmother, my mother, and friends
Threw me a baby shower at 8 months pregnant.
When my sister went into the hospital with me,
They would not let her go into the delivery room
Because they had to put me out to do an emergency c-section;
However, I still consider her to have been there all the way.
With the way everyone celebrated in my room for 4 days,
I sometimes wonder if it wasn’t the best thing to ever happen to me.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My English professor J.S. gave me a challenge to write on the best thing to ever happen to me. It was easy to think of my son. I honestly believe God used him to save me and my family from ourselves. We were a very dysfunctional family torn apart in different places. As an unwed teen mom, I thought it was very normal to be disowned by your family, and thought life was only going to harder, thinking even that to be normal. God surprised me! My son Anthoni brought everyone together, and changed our family and our lives forever. People who knows us today, but did not know us then find that hard to believe. That is what God can do with a testimony. God is my hero!


Spoiling my friends,
It’s something I love to do.
I mean no harm or offense.
My motive, I assure you, is true.
I am not trying to get on anyone’s good side.
It’s just my way of expressing
A caring I just can’t hide.
If in the future we are apart,
Like many friends who’ve left,
I hope you’ll remember me by the things I give of myself.
I’m afraid there will be many times and many friends
I won’t have the money or opportunity
To have anything to send.
For all of those I give something,
Please accept and keep.
And sincerely for those I forget or miss,
The regret is running deep.

10-29-1990 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Music Moves Me

Sad again, to think of one
Who’s broken my fragile heart.
I hear a favorite song of mine,
I’m into my favorite part.
Blue again, to remember friends
Who have came and left me alone.
I hear the bass pumping hard,
And nothing could go wrong.
Too excited from a joke,
I need to catch my breath.
A heart bleeding song plays,
And feels as though my death.
The world I know and live in
Is one to keep you moody.
But the music we have to hear
Keeps thing really groovy.
So try to understand why
The radio takes my mind.
I’d rather be caught up in music
Then let the world leave me behind.

10-25-1990 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Night Writers

Friends of suicide.
Souls of the misunderstood.
Many thought they escaped.
If only they could.
Turning back the clock
Is a dream to the world.
Everyone is a prisoner to love.
The key is our search.
Friends of the future,
I warn you of death.
It is not the answer.
It’s only your last breath.

Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. God is our escape, the answer to life and death!
He waits to free you!


If you ever come to learn
All the games I played in turn.
I will come to lose the prize,
A friendship in your lawful disguise.
Making you my confidant,
Qualified you as my friend.
Should have known my age
Would be the cause to turn this page.

Written by Gail Brookshire

A Friend to You

Dear God, thank You for
A wonderful world of friends
Who love You as much as I do,
And will until the end.
They’re kind and caring, it’s obvious
You live within their heart.
And if I should die today, I know
That our friendship would never part.
Each time my soul is aching
And the pain seems so outstanding.
You’re always there for me
Through a friend who is understanding.
I laugh at things that tickle me,
And I always continue to smile.
Cause within my soul I know that
You are with me all the while.
So as I thank You once again, my Lord,
For my loving friends, I praise You too.
And for each time that I’m comforted,
I would like to be a friend to You.

10-25-1988 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Mrs. Betsy Reynolds
A lovely church friend who’s long gone home.

A Day Apart

A day apart and I already miss you.

We haven’t known each other long,

But it’s long enough to miss you.

You make my day a brighter place.

You uplift me with a love from God.

You inspire my energy with your invisible smile.

There are times when a day gets tough,

And a week seems like a tragedy.

But God brings people together

And they share in pleasant company.

How do you know to make me laugh?

You don’t even know me.

And if I knew you,

I would never have to wonder.

Do you miss me at all?

Do you even care what I am doing

When we are not in conversation?

Do I even cross your mind?

I hope so because I do miss you.

And even though we have spent a day apart,

It feels like an unhappy day.

May you and God share quality moments,

Your friend in Christ.


4-27-1998 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Girl Who Loved to Play

Javonte is a nice little boy
Who lives so close to me.
I like to play with him
Because he is so fun to see.

Let’s take a vote to show
How much you like my friend.
Check yes if you like to play with him.
Check no if you want this to end.

✓❏YES     ❏END

I am so glad to see you like
My friend who makes me smile.
Let’s all go to my house
Where we can play for awhile.

12-31-1998 Thursday, New Year’s Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire and Javonte Sullivan
Javonte was my little neighbor who was the nephew of a long time dear friend since my teenage years. I knew him since he was very little (when his aunt adopted him on behalf of his mom). He loved that I wrote poetry, so I got him to write one with me to show him how easy and fun it is. He wrote the first line and I would write the next. He loved it! He had such fun! I loved watching him smile and being so happy with himself! I miss him!  ❤
I know you love him too, God! Protect him and his heart. His aunt gave every moment she could teaching him of your love, and to follow you no matter the cost!
Oh… and he chose the title! 😉

Gifts From God In My Cousins

Endless hours of memories are a part of our souls.

We have shared so much of life.

From parties, to families, to friends,

And so much stress and strife,

We have endured a battle of going crazy,

Falling apart,

Celebrating the birth of children in the family,

And healing broken hearts.

So many times I fail to live up

To that loyalty and trust.

Yet you love and forgive me

When no one said you must.

Lord knows I’ve done my share

Of driving you pure crazy,

But never have you abandoned me

When my storms are so hazy.

Only God can live in such hearts as yours.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

True to the end, to the end you are true.

Cousins are friends. I’m glad God gave me both in you.


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my dearest cousins who are also friends

I Have a Friend In My Little Brother

Little Brother, you are such a blessing to me.

God has allowed me the greatest gift from day one.

As I was only a few weeks old, He allowed our mother to conceive you.

You were born before I could even have my first birthday.

Some people could actually be disturbed enough to resent that,

But I have always thought it was cool.

God gave me somebody I could always pick on.

I am sorry I beat you up so much when we were little,

But you and I both know you can squeeze the life out of me now

With a simple hug.

What a gift to have a big redneck brother to protect me.

But the true gift God has given me in your being born so close in age

Is we have shared life practically side by side,

Through the good and the bad.

We’ve always shared the coolest friends and been able

To hang out like few brothers and sisters can.

Thanks for all the laughs you have given me

And the moments you have shared your shoulder.

God has made a great man out of the friend who is also my little brother.

12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For My Little Brother Charles Kenneth Brookshire
(Me and God love you! ❤ Hug Jesus for me!)

Cruel Age

Age can be a cruel thing
stealing life from people,
making it impossible to enjoy
what use to be so simple.
Daily functions become a challenge,
Sometimes just not possible.
Age can be so sad
watching what happens to us.
So many souls
waiting for joy to return,
even if it’s just in being mobile
or able to speak a word.
God bless the souls who seek
life, joy, and peace.
Protect them from abuse
and a selfish world indeed.

5-12-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: Many family and friends.
PS… We never know when we are saying prayers for others that we may very well be saying them for ourselves

A Life For A Life

It is so incomprehensible to the human mind
that someone could actually take a life.
We condemn those souls to be taken
or at least live forever in misery and strife.
Yet it is very possible to happen
And does to people who are good.
Maybe sometimes they shouldn’t have reacted,
sometimes maybe they should.
We never know if someone is defending
and fighting for their life to survive.
We don’t know what led to the moment
and how they’ll have to live with it all their life.
Only God knows and only God judges
the heart and mind of a soul,
and He knows when to punish or forgive.
Thank God He is in control.

7-19-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: written when a friend was asking me to justify their brother’s death when he was shot while committing a home invasion, by comparing it to my brother’s death who was shot during a argument with an ex-girlfriend who refused to let my brother go.