Fear Is An Understatement For What I Feel

Fear is an understatement for what I feel
Towards marriage, love, pregnancy, and trusting someone forever.
There is nothing worse than being hurt
By someone you love or trust, or really look up to,
Except maybe losing someone to death or life.
It’s something we can’t take back.
I can’t be faced with the reality of it all, and hurt forever.

Some people think love can die while you’re alive.
I don’t think so.
Love is forever.
It doesn’t die.
If it does, that means it was never there.
My love is forever.
Just like God’s,
The best love of all.
The only real love!

3-10-1994 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Creative Writing Class, Spring 1994
Taught by E. P.