Gifts From God In My Cousins

Endless hours of memories are a part of our souls.

We have shared so much of life.

From parties, to families, to friends,

And so much stress and strife,

We have endured a battle of going crazy,

Falling apart,

Celebrating the birth of children in the family,

And healing broken hearts.

So many times I fail to live up

To that loyalty and trust.

Yet you love and forgive me

When no one said you must.

Lord knows I’ve done my share

Of driving you pure crazy,

But never have you abandoned me

When my storms are so hazy.

Only God can live in such hearts as yours.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

True to the end, to the end you are true.

Cousins are friends. I’m glad God gave me both in you.


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my dearest cousins who are also friends

My Older Brother Is Love That Forgives

Oh my dearest Big Brother, how do I express my thanks?

You have countlessly been there for me, when I have countlessly let you down.

You have saved me from so much trouble that God has seen you could help me with.

You are always there for our family, and my son thinks of you as one of his many heroes.

How precious you are to my life.

So many times I fall short of giving you some kind of love in return,

And then I am comforted by the reassuring words of the very person I am speaking of.

Life throws so much at you and I, and to all of those around us.

I praise God that we have each other and that I will always know your love for me is genuine.

People who love each other tend to hurt one another,

But your loving heart has always reminded me… love forgives.

Thank you, Big Brother, for all that God allows you to be for me and my son.

It’s more than you could ever imagine.


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my brother William Nathan Brookshire
As his Christmas poem present.

My God Given Sister!

Some pray for a sister who will love them and help the through anything and everything.

Some pray for a sister who is strong enough to bear their burdens and willing to carry the load.

Some pray for a sister to laugh with and share all the joy in life.

Some pray for a sister who cries with them and holds them when all they can do is cry.

Some pray for a sister who is like a friend and feels God gave them one of His best.

Some pray for a sister who reminds them there will be no giving up because there is no reason to.

Some pray for a sister who will share the love of God with them because she has a love for God of her own.

Some pray for a sister to fight with or to fight over guys with.

Some pray for a sister just to be able to love and be loved by.

Twenty nine years ago God gave me life.

But before I could even conceive a prayer, God granted blessings He knew I would always need, love, and cherish all in the wonderful sister He gave me in you.

When He heard my unspoken prayers, He answered with His loving heart and granted His best.

I am so thankful Jesus died for you too.

I praise God for His gifts.

He gave me a great one in you, My God Given Sister!


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my sister Sandra Dee Brookshire as her present

I Have a Friend In My Little Brother

Little Brother, you are such a blessing to me.

God has allowed me the greatest gift from day one.

As I was only a few weeks old, He allowed our mother to conceive you.

You were born before I could even have my first birthday.

Some people could actually be disturbed enough to resent that,

But I have always thought it was cool.

God gave me somebody I could always pick on.

I am sorry I beat you up so much when we were little,

But you and I both know you can squeeze the life out of me now

With a simple hug.

What a gift to have a big redneck brother to protect me.

But the true gift God has given me in your being born so close in age

Is we have shared life practically side by side,

Through the good and the bad.

We’ve always shared the coolest friends and been able

To hang out like few brothers and sisters can.

Thanks for all the laughs you have given me

And the moments you have shared your shoulder.

God has made a great man out of the friend who is also my little brother.

12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For My Little Brother Charles Kenneth Brookshire
(Me and God love you! ❤ Hug Jesus for me!)


Family… together yet torn.

Separated the day they were born.

Sharing the blood but not the life.

Different worlds but similar strife.

So alike yet completely opposite.

So true yet very dishonest.

Words cannot describe the loss felt

of family so ready to help.

People who help each other despite

anything that could cause a fight.

Now that family so greatly detests

seeing your face or wanting what’s best.

Praise God for family in Jesus Christ.

He will never leave nor forsake day nor night.

And greatest yet the comfort to know

Jesus even loves your family so!


10-15-11 Written by Gail Brookshire

(by the grace of God)

Our God, Our Family

You, oh Lord, are our family…
all our family… family to all…
all are Your family!
May we ever praise Thee
in giving us such grace
in making us…
ALLOWING us to be Your family…
to be a part of Your family…
to consider us family
at all.
We love You

8-3-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Nourishing and Bringing Up Children

Nourishing and bringing up children,
Not such an easy task.
They don’t always want to do
Whatever you ask,
Even if it is what’s best for them,
Or if it brings them blessing.
What children will end up doing
Will keep you guessing.
Even so, they are worth every
Sorrow and care.
How rewarding to know
They still want you there.
Does God feel the same way
As we rebel against our Father God?
I praise His name that He does!
I’m thankful for the love He’s got!

6-2-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

My Jesus, My God, My Comforter

At the altar is where I found my Father, my Comforter and my Friend.
I was told of love and forgiveness that would never end.
This person that I had wronged still loved me
And instead of punishing, wanted to set me free.

This was my Jesus, my God, and my Comforter who came to claim
My soul for His own, by my very name.
He did not leave me there drowning in my sin.
He cared too much to ever be without me again.

Troubles continued to follow me every since that day
Trying to get me to turn the other way,
But Jesus has been there through every trying test
Showering me with His protection and sweet rest.


Because a saint cared and was willing to obey the call,
I found my dearest friend to help me through it all.
Someday I will get to thank that saint in action
For reaching out to save a child with compassion.


Written by Miss Gail Brookshire (by the grace of God)
Inspired by Anthoni’s asking me to write this as a challenge
and Molly (the Saint who cared)

Memories… Precious and Brief

Here in a world of sorrow and grief,
Memories are precious and brief.
Yet some can be so permanent
That not only can you not forget,
But even in current times at hand,
The new you cannot comprehend.
Yet there is another side to the brain,
Making life such a strain.
You can lose those precious times
When disease robs you of your mind.
You may not even recognize
Someone you’ve known all your life.
It may even be family or a friend,
Such precious people we call kin.
So sad how life can be so mean.
I am afraid of what I have seen.

5-21-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Judas… The Name

Names… how they seem to follow us.
Not just the ones we’re given,
But even those of our enemies
Seem to be the same as our loved ones,
Yet those of whom we cherish
Can be the same of those we cringe over
At just the thought of their name.
Did Jesus know when He was little
And Judas was the name of His brother,
That one day He’d be betrayed
And delivered to death by another?
Judas that betrayed Him
Is very well known,
So we associate that name
With someone wicked to leave alone.
But what about Jesus’ brother,
The disciple who followed in love?
Is it fair that name alone
Should be so negatively thought of?
Maybe we should refrain from judging
A book by its cover,
And instead inspect the “fruit,”
And love one another.

7-15-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

His Parental Love

Knowing our sinful nature and God’s just ways,
makes it scary to have to live for those unwanted days.
One can know how loving and merciful God is,
but one also knows that mighty vengeance of His.
The soul is so ready to love and revere God,
but the carnal flesh simply is not.
Knowing that sin brings justified discipline,
makes one afraid of the world and body we’re stuck in,
but God sends the Comforter to remind
that God loves us at all times.
And while He can not tolerate sin in us,
He loved us enough to send Jesus.
We must trust that God knows what He’s doing.
He’s not throwing us away, he is pursuing.
Like a child/parent relationship, we have a bond.
His parental love will always carry on.

6-22-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Cruel Age

Age can be a cruel thing
stealing life from people,
making it impossible to enjoy
what use to be so simple.
Daily functions become a challenge,
Sometimes just not possible.
Age can be so sad
watching what happens to us.
So many souls
waiting for joy to return,
even if it’s just in being mobile
or able to speak a word.
God bless the souls who seek
life, joy, and peace.
Protect them from abuse
and a selfish world indeed.

5-12-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: Many family and friends.
PS… We never know when we are saying prayers for others that we may very well be saying them for ourselves

A Life For A Life

It is so incomprehensible to the human mind
that someone could actually take a life.
We condemn those souls to be taken
or at least live forever in misery and strife.
Yet it is very possible to happen
And does to people who are good.
Maybe sometimes they shouldn’t have reacted,
sometimes maybe they should.
We never know if someone is defending
and fighting for their life to survive.
We don’t know what led to the moment
and how they’ll have to live with it all their life.
Only God knows and only God judges
the heart and mind of a soul,
and He knows when to punish or forgive.
Thank God He is in control.

7-19-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: written when a friend was asking me to justify their brother’s death when he was shot while committing a home invasion, by comparing it to my brother’s death who was shot during a argument with an ex-girlfriend who refused to let my brother go.

They Need Your Care

The headache, God, please relieve her headache.
His sinuses, Father, please stop his pain.
These people who serve You daily.
They have helped me again and again.
Touch their bodies, Lord.
Touch their lives.
Help them to smile
and bear their strife.
Give them peace.
Give them strength.
Help them to find joy
in You again.
My pastor and his wife
need Your care.
I thank You, God,
to trust You’ll be there.

6-4-03 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: dear friends ❤

You Are My Strength

He’s throwing away my papers.

Why? – I’m not sure.

But I’m not stopping him.

It’s just old letters to guys I wrote,

but never gave to them.

So in a way he’s doing something

I should have done a long time ago.,

but never had the strength to.

Thank you, son.

You may be only 2 years old

and not know what you’re doing,

but I love you for it.

You are my strength.

God is giving me the courage through you.

God does move in mysterious ways.

4-26-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: My son Anthoni