Dying Alive, We Tried to Fight

Confusion, people.
It’s not so simple.
The reason why
We build the temple.
We fight with might to save the night.
And dare the one who said, “Let’s fight.”

The child alive, the child inside.
Will it live, or will it die?

See, see. I cannot see.
What’s to come or what’s to be.
Can you help me – Guess not? Oh well.
Oh no, We’re going to hell.

Help, help. I lost myself.
I cannot find the timing belt.
Calling far, calling near.
Calling for someone to hear.
We lost the race. We lost the fight.
We do not need. We lost our right.

Hate, hate. I believe it’s too late.
I tried to love, but we only debate.

Keep it coming, keep it going.
What’s the point? We’re only growing.
See the need and feel the bleed.
It’s not the sex, it’s your inner greed.

Watch, watch. It’s at the top.
It’s getting ready to fall.
I cannot see your coming grave
When the covering is too small.
Help, help. I’m going to.
I loved the right to fight for you.
But now it’s over and we are dead.
It was all a game, but I enjoyed the thread.
Get it? Get ahead.

Written by Gail Brookshire


Earlier in the morning,
The sun is taken away so soon.
Yet only to bring the late night breeze,
As you’re warmed by the moon.
Trees release their leaves,
As they elegantly dance about.
And as you see through the empty branches,
You feel as though something has been left out.
Longer nights of midnights,
To await for the new day.
And as the morning dawns,
The clouds steal your hopes away.
Once again we must endure
The tragedy of fall.
Yet if you’ll take a closer look,
You’ll see God’s beauty in it all.

12-5-1990 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: For my dear friend Carolyn


Hi, Honey. I love you. Momma loves her baby boy. That’s momma’s boy. I love you, Anthoni. I’m sorry, baby. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you. I’m sorry you hit your head. I hope it didn’t hurt. It scared me so, when you hit the floor as hard as you did. And when you wouldn’t breathe, my heart froze. I didn’t know what to think or do. I first shook you and told you to cry. You made a sound and then froze again.
Oh, Anthoni, I can’t even continue. It was horrible. I thought you were having another seizure. I screamed and went to lay you down as the hospital told me to do. Then your great-grandmother told me to shake you. I did that. Oh, the relief from your tears and your cry for comfort. Never before, have I been so glad to hear your cry. The last thing a mother wants, is to hear her child in pain. But that was a time, I would give anything to make you scream.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: my son Anthoni fell while running through my grandmother’s house, bumped his head when he hit the floor, and stopped breathing. It scared me so. It was just after being out of the hospital from having mysterious seizures. I screamed at him like the hospital said, but it did not work. My grandmother told me to shake him. Praise God it worked!

Sucker Punched by Life

Her spirit lay crushed on top of those steps
along with her very weakened legs.
Her struggle to find anything to hold
was as hard as it was to breathe in such cold.
Trauma and pain became very good friends
reducing her to such hopeless ends.
God sent two soldiers to hold her up.
They were so kind while being so tough.
Inside, they helped her to reach her goal.
The whole ordeal had taken its toll.
In anguish she sobbed. In shame she cried.
Her words of resignation she could not hide.
How broken she is and defeated as well
by the very knees that weakened and fell.

2015 written by Gail Brookshire
For my mom (Brenda King) who fell today.
She is so broken! 😦 Jesus, please help her. Amen ❤
PS…. It has now been 2 years since this happened, and my mom passed the same year. This was such an incredibly horrible day for her. She had fallen up the steps and was stuck in a position to where my stepdad and I could not help her up. She had to lay like that till the emergency workers got her up and inside. She never wanted to go out anymore after this day, which helped her health deteriorate so much faster. I hated it for her then, and I still hate it for her now. Life shouldn’t have to be so humiliating.