I Could Care Less

You asked me what I mean by this expression.
It simply means I hurt too much to talk about it.
Or sometimes it means I’m protecting myself from being used by sacred feelings.
And sometimes it means that I would rather keep the world out.
A refusal to sharing.
A reposal to caring.
It means that my heart is tired of dealing with it.
That my soul is worn out.
That I’m actually weaker when I’m using this as a front to reprove how strong I am.
It’s a rebellion to those who try to invade…
And maybe encounter the cross overs of burial grounds already occupied.
It’s motivation.
A reason to look you in the eye and protest with strong defense,
And overwhelm you with deception.
Surely to turn you away.
Quietly or destructively.
However you choose.
When it comes to any topic, subject, or matter
Pertaining to the conversation or expression involved,
When I use this classic cliche,
I simply mean it as I do now on what you think,
I could care less.

9-9-1990 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Challenged by TW to explain what I meant when I used this expression so much when I was younger. I did use it a bit much. Wow, was I filled with so much anger.
Thank You, God, for opening my heart to You and this beautiful world of people You created!


Only through the page I write
Can I be expressed.
I’ve tried to love the others right,
But did not give my best.
I’ve tried to stop them walking away,
But somehow pushed them out.
I’d try to stop the memories,
But my heart would be in drought.
It’s just another way for life
To show us that we’re weak,
That though we swear we may be strong,
We always have a leak.
Understand my little cry,
Through which I cannot voice.
I’d try to walk away in vain,
But do not have a choice.

8-5-1990 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire

To Bring My World To You

As a poet, I was born
to write within the night.
For that is where I find my inspiration,
so that I can see the light.
The light to tell you how I feel
and tell you why I feel it.
I love to express my way of feeling
with those who may or may not feel it.
For those who know that way of feeling,
love and appreciate the truth.
And those who may not know of it,
should know that there are many who do.
It’s a chance to bring a world together
that sometimes needs to know
that even though the world is cold,
we feel that love still grows.
And that even though the world is kind
and can offer a sweet romance,
there are those of us who felt the pain
from giving someone a chance.
So as I go to lay to rest,
I say this before I do.
I love to write within the night
to bring my world to you.

4-20-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)