You Are a Love That Never Fails

God, You are a love that never fails…
A love that never expects more than I can give…
That doesn’t even love me for the things that You can expect of me…
But instead loves me for everything I can and cannot do…
Because it is me You love… my soul… not my abilities to do what I can do…
Your Son living inside my heart makes all the difference in the world
To place that kind of love in me for others.

No matter what I do or do not do in my life…
Whether I succeed or fail…
Whether I earn a college degree or a classic lesson of life…
You will love me for whatever I am… and whoever I am…
Because You will be who I am… by living in my soul.

I never have to worry about Your love disappearing…
Abandonment is not a fear with you… it is not even a reality…
Because You are all my dreams come true…
In every moment that I share with You.
I know that Your love does not change…
And does not want to hurt me in any way.
I know that Your love looks after me and protects me.

You do not like people to hurt me…
And will protect me against all that can hurt me…
Including people who love You… or that You love.
You want us all to share love with one another.
Sharing Your love with the world does not mean losing Your love for me.

Thank You for being the kind of love who looks after all my family and friends…
That shelters the world and cares for the suffering.
It’s not a love that “talks” about the world suffering…
Your love acts upon the world suffering…
You care if any of Your children hurt…
Your love is not a love of negligence or vengeance…
Your love is not of this world.
Your love is a love of its own kind.
Thank You for sharing it with me.
I have been so blessed.
I love You.

7-25-1999 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

More Tomorrows

I have a feeling
That there is great love.
My Father in heaven
Waits for me above.
Eternal peace,
No worries or sorrows.
Looking forward
To many more tomorrows.
So why oh why
Do you want to die?

6-25-1987 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

The Only Everlasting Love

God gives us special people
in our ordinary lives.
Love that seems endless
unfortunately has to die.
Love that seems imperfect
must expose its flaws.
Love that seems innocent
comes out with the claws.
The only love perfect and true,
and that will never die
is the love that gave His life
to give eternal love on high.
He is the only faithful love
that will never abandon or betray.
He is the only love
that will never go away.

7-21-12 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)