Beautiful and Festive Display

Sparkles of light in the misty air.
Ribbons of color dance with flair.
Glitter glistens and shimmers in the light.
Snowflakes fall in the cool of the night.
The wonder of winter at Christmas time
Delightfully brightens the playful chime.
What a beautiful and festive display
Of the Holy and majestic day.
The precious Child born a King,
With Godly love and salvation to bring.
A path of pain and tears he’ll bear
To give the greatest gift to share.
Eternal Life is ours to receive.
All we have to do is just believe.
Join the angelic host in singing.
Hear the Hallelujah bells ringing.

12.8.19 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Love You For It

Thank You for watching over and keeping us safe.
Thank You for the love we receive
From a most loving power within Your hand.
Save us from our falls,
And give us courage to resist the temptations.
Help us to walk away from evil,
And live our lives from Your book.
You are the way to eternal life.
To eternal love.
Don’t let us walk away from You, Father.
It’s the worst thing we could ever do!
The last thing I would want to do!

Written by Gail Brookshire

Rearranging Life

Wouldn’t you just love to make the world find peace?
And have all the prisoners of youth released?
To take the criminals and help them to vanish?
We’d take all of our loved one to another planet.
And wouldn’t it be beautiful if there were only black roses?
And if we could forget the things that hold us?
Ah – and to raise the dead and never leave again.
How wonderful it would feel to hold our family and friends.
Most of all, the whole world would love our God.
And when you searched for bad news, finding it – you could not!

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: TW challenging me to write about what I would like to change in the world.
God can do anything! There IS a world of perfect love and peace awaiting us!
God is my hero!

God Loves You!

God has such an important message
Only He can get it through.
Don’t ignore Him when He speaks.
Listen to Him say, “I love you.”
Only you can love Him back.
Victory is your choice.
Eternal life and love are precious,
So listen for His voice.
You are His precious child.
Only you can make Him smile.
Under His wings of love all the while.

7-9-15 written by Gail Brookshire
PS. God Loves You!