Life Was Laying On The Floor

Life was laying on the floor.
Would mine be anymore?
I didn’t know… no one knew,
But I couldn’t even move.
All I could do was breathe.
So afraid I was dying, about to leave.
I was so scared, so stuck.
Was my life running out of luck?

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: my first time hyperventilating years ago.
I’m so thankful for God seeing me through those times.
Thank you, C.S.

Trapped Inside a Writer

She’s a writer, but she’s trapped inside.
She wants to get out, but it all just hides.
Her feelings are her emotions, but her emotions her feelings.
She can’t just forget them, they’re still healing.
What she can’t share, she wants to so much.
But she’s so afraid of that painful touch.
What if she didn’t survive? What if she couldn’t make it?
What if her heart was broken, she just couldn’t take it?
She would hurt. She would die.
Just to let you in, she could cry.
It’s such a risk to take the chance.
She’s so in love, but afraid of romance.
What if she trusted you and then felt the pain?
The wedge of the knife would drive her insane.
Just give her time, she’ll someday speak.
She’s dying to share with you, but she’s just too weak.

3-26-1993 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Suddenly, So Incomplete

Suddenly, I feel a loss.
A loss of something special.
Someone special.
Someone who use to live and laugh,
Laugh and love.
Someone who use to believe in wishes
And dreams coming true.
Prayers being answered.
Letters being sentimental.
Hope being valuable.
Someone who use to spend day and night
Praying and wishing that
Their dreams would come true
And hoped the letters would
Be the key to their romance.
Someone that I miss so very much
And wish that I could know again.
Someone whom I suddenly want to
Rescue from dying.
Dying inside.
I want to believe in her again.
In love.
But suddenly, I feel so incomplete.

10-1-1990 Monday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. God is my hero! He makes me complete! ❤

Leaving All

Dying, I leave behind the ones
Who chose to melt my heart.
I leave a world of sorrowness
That destroyed me from the start.

Retiring, I leave behind the souls
Of endless cold deception.
I was born to die today
When I was brought through conception.

Written by Gail Brookshire

Facing the Pierced Jesus

What’s it like to see the one you love
Nailed to the tree?
And to know the blood He sheds
Is the love to set you free?
How does it feel to know He’s dying
So that you will get to live,
And know you cannot stop it
When He’s the only one who can give?
What would you do if you saw His eyes,
And watched Him come to die?
This is facing the pierced Jesus,
So won’t you give Him a try?

Written by Gail Brookshire
Jesus Christ died for you.
What more do you want Him to do?
Die again? –


When you set the table, my plate will be on the shelf.
When you go to the movies, you’ll buy one less ticket.
When you go to open the presents on Christmas morning,
There’ll be no present under the tree from me to you.
I cannot defend myself.
I cannot see you smile.
Help me! I’m dying!
I don’t want to die.
I want to live.
I have so much I want to do.
And so much I want to say.
I’m too young to die.
All I want to do is care for the world.
I want to hold the children.
And mend the broken.
I want to wipe away the tears of a crying soul.
Please! Please! Don’t let me die!
I don’t want to die!
I don’t!
Please! Death is forever, Im not ready for it.
If I die, I’ll miss you!
I’ll never get to hold you again!
And worst of all, you’ll forget me!
Please! Please! Don’t let me die! Please!

Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. God is my hero! He hears my cries! He answers prayer!