Read On and Move On

Writer’s don’t write, we feel.
And we put it on paper.
Yeah, we imagine things, but it comes
From the hurt and heart we’ve had.
We cannot possibly write something
So fake that it had nothing to do with
Anything we had to feel.
Even in our imaginations,
We see the dreams we perceive,
The nightmares we escape,
The continuing heartache
That keeps dragging us down,
And the many things keeping us going.
We are not to be blamed for what we feel.
We are what others have made us to be
By hurting us, loving us, or deceiving us.
Whichever you choose to see
Or discover in our expressions.
It’s just another way of getting hurt again,
So read on and move on. I’m sure it’s nothing new,

10-25-1992 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

I Walk Away

God, what a sinful way I’ve led.
All in the name of love.
Yet I know somewhere inside me,
Who I need is high above.
I see a glance of handsome men,
And catch a winking eye.
As I go to meet the man,
I’m telling you good-bye.
Why do I not see this thing?
Why must I be so blind?
If only I would follow my heart
And leave the dreams behind.
Oh, Holy Father, full of grace,
Please return my strength.
Replace, I pray, the love in me
To live for You again.

Written by Gail Brookshire
God is my hero!

Ghost of the Sands

It’s not been so long ago that we took a stretch along this beach.
We walked along the sands until the sun rose in the east.
Wading through the waters, we would share secrets of ourselves.
Dreaming of how the world could change with only our help.
You even gave a thought to me of how you would like to be.
A poet of the literature, creating the warmest poetry.
Your dream is carrying on with me, yet you were cheated short
Of a life you were to retire from at the “death of youth” port.
So when I hear of the ghost who walks the sands,
I remember the soul with whom I held hands.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: him

God, I Was Rejected

God, I was rejected for my heart
and it’s torn me apart.
I felt the rejection of saying
I wasn’t good enough.
But I can’t give up on poetry,
it’s something I love.
Even if I never win,
I know I’ll always write.
I just wish I could share it with the world
and make someone feel alright.
The only thing I know to do
is to pray to you and believe.
I can’t give up on my dreams
just because of an award I didn’t receive.
To all those who send your poetry
to any poetry contest,
don’t give up because you lose.
Inside you’re still the best.

4-18-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS. This was written over the 1st rejection I ever received from entering a poetry contest.
I have been published several times since then, but as long as I am writing for God that is all that matters to me! ❤ Whatever He asks of me to do with the gift He gave!