Embraced By Wonder

God, am I too dirty?
Am I too stained?
Are there too many consequences
That are always to remain?
I was born in sin,
Then embraced its pleasure.
Now my guilt and shame
Rob me of Your treasure.
Life is not over.
You have me still here.
Help me to understand.
Make my purpose clear.
In Jesus name I pray.

4-23-2003 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Thank You, God, for helping me to KNOW
I am now and will always be Yours!

God, I Apologize

God, I apologize.
I owe you a great deal more than that.
I am sorry I came between You and one of Your children.
I am so sorry to have placed doubts on Your Son.
I am sorry to have given him such a weaker vision of a true Christian,
Especially when he thinks of me as being such a strong one.
I am sorry that I have caused damage where You had placed hope and love.
I pray for Your healing where I may have caused great harm.
I pray for You and he to grow… and stronger,
Every aching moment of his day and night.
I pray that You two would have the relationship
That You have always wanted with him,
And pray that he would desire the same.
I know he loves You, God.
Please give him credit for that.
He’s just trying to make it in a sinful and human body
While holding on to Christians he trusts,
That let him down and come between You two.
Christians like me.
In Jesus name I pray… Amen!

2-22-2000 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire