Memories… Precious and Brief

Here in a world of sorrow and grief,
Memories are precious and brief.
Yet some can be so permanent
That not only can you not forget,
But even in current times at hand,
The new you cannot comprehend.
Yet there is another side to the brain,
Making life such a strain.
You can lose those precious times
When disease robs you of your mind.
You may not even recognize
Someone you’ve known all your life.
It may even be family or a friend,
Such precious people we call kin.
So sad how life can be so mean.
I am afraid of what I have seen.

5-21-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

Needing Your Compassion

Lord, there is so much need.
So many people hurting inside.
Some struggle with how they’re living.
Some feel like they have died.
Hunger beats so mercilessly
on those already weak.
Depression fights so vigorously
on those who no longer seek.
Pain and agony rob life,
disease and illness destroy sanity.
Unkind and selfish thieves
rob the poor with their vanity.
How hopeless it all seems
when we focus on the bad.
Yet we forget you saw
all the things that make You sad.
Thank You for being our hope,
our only source of strength.
We need Your powerful compassion
to save us again and again.

2015 Written by Gail Brookshire