Outer Space? That big black hole? Those stars?
Or maybe the moon and planet Mars?
What exactly do you expect me to write about space?
My inexperience defeats my case.
I’m not an astronaut, nor NASA pro.
I only know what I barely know.
The poem from school had lost the end
When Pluto was rejected as a friend.
Then Mr. X was invited in,
But I do not know the latest spin.
Yet beyond all that’s in the galaxy,
There is a Savior waiting for me!
He has made those wondrous sites
That I shall see on my heavenly flight.
I’ll be so excited to share,
But you’ll have to wait till you’re there.
     HURRY UP!!

3-3-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
Inspiration: My brother and friends use to love to challenge me to write about random topics they would come up with. This one was actually a challenge from my son.

Patterns of You

Patterns of You go lovingly by.
Your canvas lies within the sky.
A majestic mixture of parts of You.
A darkened shadow, a beautiful blue.
Layers of light through layers of clouds.
I find a calming peace amidst the crowds.
As far as my eye can see,
You have designed this moment just for me.
I drift with the artwork You’ve sent my way.
I pause and listen for what You have to say.
Caressing my soul You comfort me with thought.
No need to search when I have been sought.
Never do You leave me when shadows come.
You are my shelter when life feels numb.
In Your arms I am safe to feel free
Of any fear that would threaten me.
Drifting in patterns of glorious You,
I feel safe to say I love You… and I do.

2-14-17 Monday
written by Gail Brookshire

He Has Things All Planned Out

Our lives are planned out
by a God who has His own plans.
He doesn’t always tell us,
but He has us in His hands.
What we will accomplish
or what we will not,
whether it’s for ourselves
or what we desire for God,
is not always the same
as what He desires.
But trusting and obeying
are what He admires.
And what we pass on
or desire for our children
may not be the same
as how God will build them.
Yet they, too, have a plan
that God has personally designed
to love God
with all of their heart, soul, and mind.
Dear God in heaven,
as You plan my day
please make sure it includes You
in every way.

7-8-15 written by Gail Brookshire