Afraid of Being Abandoned Anymore

Afraid and alone,
You abandoned me.
You left me alone.
Just when I needed you,
You turned your back.
You said you would
Always be there for me,
But you were nowhere in sight
When my tears fell like rain.
There’s nothing left to do now,
Except be glad I made it,
And find a way to survive.
Hoping I heal.
Praying I smile.
Yearning to live.
Desiring to Love.
Maybe someday I’ll forget.
I’m already working on forgiving.
I have to forgive you.
You weren’t the only one to abandon me.
I abandoned myself.
I don’t want to be abandoned anymore.
I’m afraid I won’t make it.
It hurts to be deserted.

9-23-2000 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire


Orphans… children without parents or simply deserted.
How cruel can one be?
Don’t they realize what they are doing?
Don’t they realize how it pains the children?
To be deserted of a family,
with a caring mother,
and a strong, protective father,
and a brother or sister to laugh with.
To deprive a child of a lifetime of belonging and sharing,
is so cold and heartless.

And to say that they were deserted as a child,
is an even bigger cop out!
They should remember how it felt
and obviously still feels.
Remember, please,
orphans are children who have been deprived of love.

9-21-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)