Regardless of What I Can or Cannot Give

Searching as we walk,
I enjoy our time to talk.
Asking all the questions in my mind
That never seem to come at this time.
At a loss for words or insight,
You bring to my darkness Your Light.
I notice You have my hand in Yours.
Your love pours and pours.
Resigned to my silence, I cling.
I am so grateful for all You bring.
Regardless of what I can or cannot give,
You trust me with this life I live.

4-23-2019 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Silent Music

No music please.
The world is beautiful in silence,
I so want to sit and meditate,
And block the world of violence,
I want to hear the sounds
Of wind blowing at a standstill.
I want to feel the emptiness
In the solitary chill.
It’s quiet in the room alone.
The darkness gives me peace.
It won’t remind me of a life
That found a way to cease.
Instead it reminds me of memories,
Of which I’ll always treasure.
And oh, the solitude of quiet.
It gives me such a pleasure.
So please. No. Don’t play the song.
Leave the radio off.
The music I really want to hear
Is the silence playing so soft.

3-28-1992 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

Sweet Tears of Love

Sweet tears of love from the maiden of youth

born to give her all, but never to tell the truth.

A skeleton within the family, one who has his way.

He enters through the darkness without a word to say.

The only message that he brings is to shame her life with filth.

Someone save this dying maiden from the man who’s full of guilt.

3-8-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)