Chained to a Wall of Love

Chained to a wall of love,
I fall for who you are.
You wish for someone to love you,
And yet I’m not that far.

It’s one of those mystical things
That God has rearranged.
He said He would always love us,
But never promised that life wouldn’t change.

Tangled by a web of thought,
You wash away my dream.
You say you are for all to watch,
Yet are darker than you seem.

One way I have to comfort you
Is to let you know for sure
That though our love’s a misery,
My intentions are only pure.

Could we stand another round
Of all the innocent pain?
I just don’t think I believe again
In the path to going insane.

8-24-1993 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire


In the dark I close my eyes
and hope it’s all a dream.
I search for an explanation
for all that it may seem.
In a dash, I run to find
the switch to shine the light.
I flip it up to chase away
the horrors of the night.
Light fills the room within.
My world is safe again.
I can lay my head to rest
without fearing my end.
But I must make it clear to you,
Do not take my light.
You’ll open up a hidden door
that leads into the night.

7-17-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God0
PS. I use to be so horrifyingly afraid of the dark. I could be sound asleep, even for hours, but if someone went to turn the light off I would wake up and point my hand directly at them and say, “Don’t turn that light off!” I praise the Lord for taking that from me.