Stolen of Breath

If I could change life,
there would be no death.
What is the sense of living,
if you’re soon stolen of breath?
Life is such a coy thing
with the way it likes to play.
Why does it look to be so cruel
by taking people away?
I don’t understand it.
I guess I never will.
To fall in love and die someday
can be the final kill.
So won’t you try to analyze
the results of even trying.
There’s no use in living
when we’re already dying.

9-19-91 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
PS. This was written years ago from the hurt of so much loss. Especially the loss of my cousin Dean, who was just 19 and died a week before graduating high school.


**Please remember this was written when I was 19.
    I was a bit cynical and a lot attitude. **

I really don’t know what it is,
I sincerely long to write.
I only know I’m thinking of
men and their little lies.
They say they really love you so,
and they’d break down and cry.
That is how the romantic words
are molded into a lie.

“I’ll never want no one else,
You’re the only one I’ll ever need,”
Is what they’ll say to get their way,
so their ego they may feed.
“I’m never gonna let you go.
I’ll never love no other.”
How many times have you heard that,
when later they found another?

“I’d give my life to be with you.
I need you oh so much.”
When what they really wanted,
was just to feel your touch.
“I’ve never met a woman like you.
You’re truly one in a million.”
If you stop to count their lies,
you’ll find yourself in the billions.

“Let me shelter you with love.
I can make you happy.”
The next time I fall for one of the lies,
somebody, please slap me!
“I can love you like no one has.
What you need is a man.
I’m the one to show you love.
I’m the one who’ll understand.

No one’s ever made me feel the way
I feel when I’m with you.
You’re like wishing on a lucky star.
You know just what to do.
Everything you do is right.
You’re the one I’ve been searching for.
I want to give to you the love
ou should’ve received before.

Let me take away the pain
I know you’re feeling inside.
Let me erase the many nights|
I know you’ve sat and cried.
If you’ll give me half a chance,,
I know I could change your world.
It would make me very happy,
if you would be my girl.”

Or better yet, don’t you love
the way they try for life,
by saying that if you’ll give in,
then they will make you their wife?
As if we don’t have enough
problems to worry about
than to put up with these liars
wanting us to put out.

Why don’t they take their little lies
and crawl back under their rocks?
If I find the key they use,
I’ll put their lies in locks.
How would they like it if we did them
the way they like to do?
They would probably jump at the chance
and enjoy every minute too.

One thing I’d like to say to those
who like to use their lies.
You may get your way first time around,
but hey Liar, there’s always room for goodbyes.

5-23-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)

I Don’t Believe

I don’t believe I’m always longing
for love…
when I don’t believe anyone does.

I don’t believe I’m always wanting
to care…
when I don’t believe anyone can.

I don’t believe I’m always having
when I don’t believe they happen.

I don’t believe I’m always making
when I don’t believe they come true.

I don’t believe I’m always searching
for happiness…
when I don’t believe I’ll find it.

I don’t believe I’m always willing
to share…
when I don’t believe it matters.

I don’t believe I’m always thinking of
when I don’t believe it works.

I don’t believe I’m always saying
when I don’t believe it lasts.

I don’t believe I’ve always thought
I was fair…
when I don’t believe I am.

When it comes to believing in
something or someone…
I don’t believe I do.

5-14-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
My 1st Mother’s Day as a Mom 🙂